Casey Kasem's Kids Pay Tribute to Their Dad: 'Every Word He Spoke Was 100 ... -
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Casey Kasem's daughter is on a mission to stop elder abuse

Salon - 11 Dec 2017
It was a protracted battle that spanned the last days of a famous broadcaster, and continued after his death. And it was an experience that changed Kerri Kasem's life. Kasem, daughter of the late DJ and voice actor Casey Kasem, had her own thriving ...
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Casey Kasem's Daughter Kerri Kasem Continues her Legal Fight

FOX News Radio (blog) - 06 Dec 2017
Casey Kasem's "American Top Forty" franchise was a weekend radio staple for decades. Diagnosed with a rare form of dementia, he died three years ago in June at the age of 82. Two years ago this month, his brother and three children by Kasem's first ...
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20 Signs Childhood As We Knew It Is Gone For Good

CafeMom - 17 Dec 2017
Then: Casey Kasem provided the soundtrack for the lives of everyone in the family. Now: Radio? We only let them listen to Kidz Bop. Then: Mom magically paid for toys by writing out a check at the department store. Now: BPA-free, wooden toys magically ...
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Bridges: The power of going back in time

Barrow Journal - 02 Dec 2017
During a drive back to my hometown this past weekend, I took advantage of technology to be transported back in time. I didn't literally step inside Doctor Who's Tardis and emerge in 1983 but I did do something that was almost as good. I listened to a ...
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Casey Kasem's Widow SLAMS His Children With Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Radar Online - 16 Jun 2017
Want to follow all the celebrity drama? Download the RadarOnline App to get it directly on your phone! Jean Kasem calls the late DJ's death a 'scam.' By Radar Staff. Posted on Jun 16, 2017 @ 6:58AM. Casey Kasem's Widow SLAMS His Children With Wrongful ...
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Kasem Cares Visitation Bill signed into law

KATV - 12 Apr 2017
It took Kasem eight months in court, battling her stepmom for guardianship, before she won. Since then, in an effort to prevent other families from the same pain, Kasem has been lobbying to change state laws with the Kasem Cares Visitation Bill. “What ...
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Casey Kasem's Widow Continues Feud with Stepchildren - 12 Sep 2017
Casey Kasem died in 2014, leaving his widow Jean and his adult children from a previous marriage to fight over his estate. In June, Jean Kasem sued her stepchildren and their attorney, claiming wrongful death, negligence, and fraud, according to People ...

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