Cat saves boy from dog attack: YouTube video shows family pet rescuing child -
cat saves boy from dog

Cat saves little boy from being attacked by dog

New Tang Dynasty Television - 05 Feb 2017
A little boy was riding his bike in the front yard, and suddenly, a dog ran over biting his leg and dragging him off the bike. It was a vicious attack, with the boy crying on the ground. The little cat, only a quarter as big as the dog, ran right over ...
cat saves boy from dog

Rescued Dog Saves 3-Year-Old Girl Who Was Freezing In A Ditch

The Dodo - 21 Mar 2017
It soon became clear that Peanut had done more than save the child from just the elements. After she was taken to the hospital, deputies from the Delta County Sheriff's Office were able to track down her parents at a home nearby. The sheriff's office ...
cat saves boy from dog

Optical Illusion Absolutely Blows This Cat's Mind

Crave Online - 11 Apr 2017
One the best parts about going shopping with your wife is when she says she has a coupon for Boston Store, you tell her to have fun with that and then break away to Spencer's to look at funny shirts with naughty words, hats with boobs on them and of ...
cat saves boy from dog

Cat saves boy from vicious dog attack in California

Daily Mail - 14 May 2014
Cat saves boy from vicious dog attack in California. A hero cat jumped at a dog who attacked a young boy on a tricycle in Bakersfield, California. According to reports, the boy's leg was treated with a few stitches after the attack and the neighborhood ...

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