Gaius Valerius Catullus (/kəˈtʌləs/; c. 84 – 54 BC) was a Latin... -

Gaius Valerius Catullus (/kəˈtʌləs/; c. 84 – 54 BC) was a Latin...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
Gaius Valerius Catullus (/kəˈtʌləs/; c. 84 – 54 BC) was a Latin poet of the late Roman Republic who wrote in the neoteric style of poetry, which is about personal life rather than classical heroes. His surviving works are still read widely, and continue to influence poetry and other forms of art.

Leontia Flynn: Serious about the butts of her jokes

Irish Times - 18 Nov 2017
In the same vein, Flynn continues to translate Catullus scabrously, exhilaratingly. Catullus 8 becomes Give it up, Moron while her version of Catullus 28, Government Servants, salutes her subjects, “with your dinky backpacks, / cohorts of bullshit, at ...

Country Life: Sunshine sparrows seek the scraps - 19 Nov 2017
The ancient Egyptians recorded it and so did Shakespeare in Measure for Measure: "Sparrows must not build on this house because they are lecherous." (Act3, scene2). The Romans kept them as pets. The poet Catullus mourned the loss of a girlfriend's bird ...

Dylan hits town amid a flurry of new works devoted to him

Buffalo News - 10 Nov 2017
In his just published text "Why Bob Dylan Matters," Harvard Professor of the Classics Richard F. Thomas name-checks Sappho, Catullus, Horace and Ovid as "the brilliant lyric poets and love poets whose work captures what it means to live and love, to ...

Academie, breek met het corps

Volkskrant - 13 Nov 2017
Ik heb nog wel een suggestie: een chic klinkend Latijns citaat van de dichter Catullus dat veel beter past bij de verenigingscultuur van bangalijsten, knokpartijen en sletbokalen. Ik presenteer u het Groningse studentencorps Pedicabo et irrumabo. De ...

Weekend Warrior, November 17 - 19

The Deli Magazine National (blog) - 17 Nov 2017
MilkBoy Philly (1100 Chestnut St.) FRI The Funky T, Walt Lafty, Judah Kim & The Assassination, SAT The Core, Brown Sugar, SUN Catullus. Ortlieb's Lounge (847 N. 3rd St.) FRI Wolf Dem, Teknacolor Ninja, KT Caustic, SAT A.M. Mills, Mark Lanky, SUN Kirby ...

Club Scene: Get ready to party on Thanksgiving Eve

Burlington County Times - 16 Nov 2017
Sunday: Catullus, 7:30 p.m., $10 to $12. Tuesday: The Lighthouse and the Whaler, 8 p.m., $12 to $15. Wednesday: McLovins, 8 p.m., $12 to $15. MOORESTOWN DeCAFE, 395 Kings Highway, Moorestown, 856-235-6488. Friday: Joe Crookston, Americana, ...

Hooked on Classics - Celebrating Classics at Talbot Heath

Attain News - 14 Nov 2017
Dance also took the stage, in one of the courtyards, dancing with poise to a modern recitation of the Latin poet, Catullus. These performances were brought to life with the stunning lighting effects (courtesy of 'Lamps and Amps'), the costume of the ...

Azed Slip No.2364

The Guardian - 22 Oct 2017
A. J. Wardrop: Poem St Phocas endlessly reworked in which gardeners find enriching material (anag. less s; St P., patron saint of gardeners). L. Ward (USA): Trill a bit of Catullus and Sappho to me … it might help solve our problems in bed (anag. incl.

Hong Kong case sheds light on Kazakh-Chinese connections

Intelligence Online - 15 Nov 2017
The latter fund, which folded in 2015, also had financial backing from Samruk Kaznya and its board included Catullus Helmer, a key international business advisor to Massimov from 2009 to 2016. Also on KHKGP's board were the Chinese businessman ...

Revisiting Catullus, from political battles to Roman contraception

New Statesman - 22 Feb 2016
Daisy Dunn's answer in Catullus's Bedspread, her new “biography” of the 1st-century BC Roman poet, is to marry a breathy, vivid narrative voice with knowledgeable digressions about the peculiarities of Roman life. And so she describes the early days of ...

Figuring It out in the Air: On “The Education of a Young Poet”

lareviewofbooks - 08 Nov 2017
Along the way, with that capacious energy of the best American writing, Biespiel chronicles a range of seemingly disconnected things — screaming nighthawks, Boston bookstores, the Roman poet Catullus — all of which teach him something about poetry ...

A comma in Catullus

OUPblog (blog) - 15 Aug 2015
The longest poem by Catullus (c. 84-54 bc) contains an account of the wedding of the Greek hero Peleus to the sea-goddess Thetis – a key event in mythological history, which led to the birth of the greatest Greek warrior, Achilles, and (thanks to the ...

A bit of ancient poetry for Valentine's Day - 14 Feb 2017
My caveat is that I recognize Gaius Valerius Catullus is not a bestseller (how many poets are?) and most people won't read him, as he wrote, in Latin. He lived in the first century before Christ and was a true romantic. I admit to carrying snippets of ...

How Do You Decode a Hapax? (Also, What's a Hapax?)

Atlas Obscura - 07 Sep 2017
In a 1955 lecture, philologist Joshua Whatmough suggested that the poet Catullus inserted them to draw attention to a specific moment, just as poet Ezra Pound would do centuries later. Others hold that authors do not pay attention to the frequency of ...

Naaktlopers Fokke en Sukke trekken maar een broek aan - 10 Nov 2017
#METOODe bekendste naaktlopers van Nederland, Fokke en Sukke, hebben na 25 jaar een broek aangetrokken. De succesvolle cartoonreeks haakt op humoristische wijze in op het seksuele wangedrag van acteur Louis C.K. ,,Wij vroegen ons af waarom ...

Camping It Up in Ancient Rome: A Queer Take on Catullus 16

Huffington Post - 11 Mar 2013
These folks don't take kindly to my claim that Catullus, more than simply being ironic, is a kind of proto-queer figure. Others insist that I cannot use the 20th-century term “camp” to describe a type of poetry and a social milieu found in ancient Rome ...

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