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causal loop

A causal loop, in the context of time travel or retrocausality,...

wikipedia - 24 Sep 2018
A causal loop, in the context of time travel or retrocausality, is a sequence of events (actions, information, objects, people) in which an event is among the causes of another event, which in turn is among the causes of the first-mentioned event. Such causally-looped events then exist in spacetime, but their origin cannot be determined. A hypothetical example of a causality loop is given of a billiard ball striking its past self: the billiard ball moves in a path towards a time machine, and the futu
causal loop

10 Problems With Consciousness

Psychology Today - 05 Dec 2018
Consciousness is a complicated construct, and these major problems must be considered when tackling the concept.
causal loop

Crashing symbols

Red Dirt Report - 03 Dec 2018
OKLAHOMA CITY – On page 237 of the book Man and His Symbols, which Carl G. Jung edited and contributed to, in the section titled “The Process of ...
causal loop

Super Reads Transformers: Lost Light #24

The Outhouse - 17 Nov 2018
Even Team Whirl. We're wrapping up things in the IDW Hasbroverse with the penultimate issue of Transformers: Lost Light! Things are getting crazy right now!
causal loop

Mastering System Change

Stanford Social Innovation Review - 15 Aug 2018
Organizations are increasingly turning to system change to tackle big social problems. But systems are complex, and mastering the process requires observation ...
causal loop

The art of flavour text

PC Gamer - 10 Apr 2018
What is a pendant? In Dark Souls, it's one of the items you can choose to take when you roll a new character, and it comes with the following description:"A ...
causal loop

Super Reads Transformers: Unicron #4

The Outhouse - 09 Oct 2018
Unicron makes its move against Cybertron and, ominously, our story shifts over to Earth! Hey people, you are right up in a Super Reads article. Welcome! We've ...
causal loop

Systems Thinking: A View from the Trenches

Stanford Social Innovation Review - 02 May 2017
In recent years, systems thinking—a discipline that helps us understand interdependent structures of dynamic systems—has emerged as a powerful force for ...
causal loop

Doctor Who: what is the Bootstrap Paradox?

Radio Times - 10 Oct 2015
The Doctor told you to Google the Bootstrap Paradox, and now you're here. OK. Let's try and explain what on Earth the Doctor was talking about at the beginning ...
causal loop

Computing with time travel

Phys.Org - 09 Dec 2015
Why send a message back in time, but lock it so that no one can ever read the contents? Because it may be the key to solving currently intractable problems.
causal loop

Experimental test of nonlocal causality

Science Advances - 10 Aug 2016
Explaining observations in terms of causes and effects is central to empirical science. However, correlations between entangled quantum particles seem to defy ...
causal loop

Why Leadership Stress Is All In The Mind

Forbes - 03 Nov 2018
Leadership stress can only be dealt with effectively through a clear understanding of the inner mental and emotional dynamics which drive it, and taking ...
causal loop

The Flash: Savitar's existence explained

EW.com - 09 May 2017
Savitar's existence was finally explained during Tuesday's episode of The Flash — but it might be a bit confusing, so we've tried to break it down as best as ...
causal loop

Time travel: Can it really be done?

CNN International - 13 May 2013
Ever since H. G. Wells' trailblazing novel "The Time Machine," time travel has been a staple of science fiction. The idea of traveling through time is deeply ...
causal loop

Evidence for a neural law of effect

Science Magazine - 02 Mar 2018
When we learn a new skill or task, our movements are reinforced and shaped. Learning occurs because the neural activity patterns in the movement ...
causal loop

Facebook is broken

TechCrunch - 04 Jun 2017
The problem is this: Facebook has become a feedback loop which can and does, despite its best intentions, become a vicious spiral. At Facebook's scale ...

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