Maurice is the village inventor and Belle's father. However, he... -
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

Disney Is Facing Backlash Over Gay Jungle Cruise Character

Cinema Blend - 26 Aug 2018
This situation might give people flashbacks the live action Beauty and the Beast when Disney marketed the Le Fou character as its first gay character. While Le Fou was gay, he was not open during the majority of the movie, and it really only became ...
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET: Persistence of the Princesses

Birth.Movies.Death. - 20 Sep 2018
At a press event for Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ribon explained that the first inkling of Vanellope as a Disney princess came while working on Moana in 2014. “I was also thinking at the time, why isn't Vanellope canon [as a ...
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

DLO, symphony join forces

Danville Commercial News - 10 Sep 2018
2 for roles in Disney'sBeauty and the Beast.” Performances will be March 16-17 in Dick Van Dyke Auditorium at Danville High School. “Beauty and the Beast” is a special collaboration between DLO Musical Theatre and Danville Symphony Orchestra. The ...
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

29 Classic Disney Kids Characters Reimagined As Villains

TheGamer - 03 Sep 2018
Disney's classic villains are about as subtle as a punch to the face, but Beauty and the Beast subverted this trope by portraying the handsome Gaston as the vain monster. The author's art is cool, but labeling Belle as a villain due to a change in ...
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

Fun facts you may not know about Disney World

Newsday - 12 Sep 2018
Visited by millions every year, Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, is explored frequently by guests, but not everything at the Magic Kingdom is as plain to see as the ears on Mickey's head. Here are some facts you may not have known about ...
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

The Problem With Saying Bert and Ernie Are Not Gay - 20 Sep 2018
However, Disney films are also filled with gender-nonconforming characters who have been interpreted as queer by critics and internet memes alike, and some have seen an allegory for the AIDS crisis in Beauty and the Beast. Thankfully, more and more ...
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

New Trailer: 'Mary Poppins Returns,' With Emily Blunt

New York Times - 17 Sep 2018
Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Jack, a lamplighter character reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke's chimney sweep, Bert, but based on the footage shown so far, the “Hamilton” mastermind's British accent seems slightly more believable. Mr. Van Dyke can also be seen ...
characters in disney's beauty and the beast

The Verge fall movie preview, November 2018

The Verge - 06 Sep 2018
It's cut from the same cloth as Disney's extravagant, exhausting live-action remakes like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, with the one advantage that it's drawn from a less-familiar story. Why they might not: For viewers who are tired of this ...

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