Tonight on TV: Saul Goodman, Charles Manson and the Emmys -
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Tonight on TV: Saul Goodman, Charles Manson and the Emmys - 09 Dec 2018
Liev Schreiber hosts this two-hour, true-crime special on Charles Manson and his gang of blindly loyal followers. Culled from more than 100 hours of footage, the special goes inside the cult's Spahn Ranch to offer an intimate and terrifying look into ...
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10 Covers Versions Of Charles Manson Songs

WhatCulture - 20 Nov 2018
The history of music is filled with musicians who are affectionately referred to as cult artists. These are individuals who may have never achieved commercial ...
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New Manson Doc Goes Inside Spahn Ranch

Rolling Stone - 17 Sep 2018
It would be easy to believe that Fox's new two-hour, Liev Schreiber-narrated special, Inside the Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes, would simply re-trod old territory.
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Charles Manson Funeral Held in California - 20 Mar 2018
Nearly four months after the death of cult leader Charles Manson, his remains were cremated on Saturday following a small, private funeral that featured songs ...
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Who Was Charles Manson?

HowStuffWorks - 22 Dec 2017
On Nov. 12, 1934, Charles Manson was born, and though he spent half his life in prison, his life and crimes have both enthralled and repulsed the American ...
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The Battle Over Charles Manson's Corpse

The Daily Beast - 08 Mar 2018
Charles Manson's body lies in a California morgue under a fake name, and only two staffers in the coroner's office know where it is. As a court battle rages over ...
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Was Charles Manson Possessed by the Devil?

National Catholic Register - 14 May 2018
Evil people are scary. Their stone-cold hearts seem unreachable. In the Inferno, Dante wrote that some people were so wicked that their souls had already ...
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Why we won't let Charles Manson die

Salon - 04 Jul 2018
The year 2019 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Tate-LaBianca murders that made Charles Manson a household name, and the man and his Family are ...

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