Charles Manson Grandson Wins Legal Battle Over Cult Leader's Body -
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It's not easy being Charles Manson's grandson

Sarasota Herald-Tribune - 12 Apr 2018
Jason Freeman of Bradenton says 'There's envy, hatred and jealousy pouring out from everywhere'. MANATEE COUNTY — The private funeral was open casket, and Jason Freeman wanted to place the ring on his grandfather's finger but the body was so badly ...
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Charles Manson's Guitar Is a Symbol of Music and Murder

Atlas Obscura - 05 Apr 2018
While Manson likely owned any number of guitars throughout his life, the one at the museum touches on almost every aspect of his story. A wooden acoustic instrument with Manson's name crudely etched on the headstock, it still bears the evidence tag it ...
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Charles Manson's grandson attends funeral, speaks on family's past

Palm Beach Post - 13 Apr 2018
Charles Manson was convicted of organizing the gruesome murders of actress Sharon Tate and six other people in 1969. At the funeral, his grandson wanted to place his grandfather's ring on his finger but couldn't because Mason's body was so extensively ...
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Yesterday Into Today -- Laurel Canyon: Walking the Sixties. Part IV

Livermore Independent - 26 Apr 2018
Despite the greatness, Young, and apparently Melcher, saw in Manson, the infamous criminal has gone down in history not as a great musician, or a living poet, but as the lunatic, brutal murderer of actress Sharon Tate, the wife of film director Roman ...
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Is Atheism a cult?

Big Think (blog) - 24 Apr 2018
There are also many different kinds of atheists: implicit atheists, Christian atheists, weak atheists and strong atheists to name a few. This lack of ideological purity or unified structure runs counter to the idea that atheism is a cult. Furthermore ...
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Atlas partners with investigative journalist Lis Wiehl

Realscreen - 26 Apr 2018
New York-based Atlas Media Corp has signed an exclusive development deal with Lis Wiehl for true crime programming, based on her time as a former federal prosecutor and as an investigative journalist. Wiehl is also a legal analyst and reporter, having ...
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OUR VIEW: Neelley parole hearing will revive nightmare

Gadsden Times - 26 Apr 2018
Charles Manson's horde of killers keep getting parole dates because that's the way the system works, but none of them has been or probably ever will be paroled. Nor should they be — and the same goes for Neelley. There's no way any parole board member ...
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10 notorious crimes in Sacramento history - 25 Apr 2018
1. Theodore "Ted" Kaczynski, commonly known as the Unabomber. Kaczynski is one of nation's most well-known criminals with connections to Sacramento. Kaczynski became a notorious domestic terrorist for building untraceable bombs and either hand ...
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Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials

The San Luis Obispo Tribune - 26 Apr 2018
The Golden State's dark side was, of course, well known by then - the Zodiac Killer, Charles Manson - but in Sacramento, 1976 was a "time of innocence" when kids played outside until dark and many residents didn't lock their doors, recalled Sacramento ...

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