Charlo Greene reaches pot club fundraising goal, claims weed helped her ... -
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In Alaska, Legal Weed Doesn't Mean Available Weed

Study Breaks - 09 Mar 2018
Alaska was the third state to legalize recreational pot, and now a total of eight states and the District of Columbia have followed suit, all in the hopes that getting high will finally be legal and easy. But while I don't mean to kill your buzz, it ...
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Alaska's legal pot industry decries taxes, seeks changes

New York Daily News - 12 Jun 2018
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — In a push to get Alaska voters to legalize marijuana, supporters suggested a tax on growers of $800 a pound — though they knew it would be unworkable in the long run. The tax aimed to show that the industry was willing to pay ...
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2nd search warrant served on Charlo Greene's Alaska Cannabis Club

Alaska Dispatch News - 07 Aug 2015
Anchorage police on Friday served a search warrant on the Alaska Cannabis Club in downtown Anchorage in what an officer described as a "drug investigation." Club owner Charlo Greene said police arrived around 10:45 a.m. Friday. No club members were ...
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Charlo Greene's ongoing dispute with APOC heads to court

Alaska Dispatch News - 10 Feb 2015
Since September, APOC has been attempting to investigate whether Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, broke campaign finance law during the debate over Ballot Measure 2, the initiative that legalized recreational marijuana in Alaska. Greene ...
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When Quitting Goes Right: The Charlo Greene Story

The Marijuana Times - 29 Mar 2016
Quitting is usually something that is looked down on by society, and for good reason. A “quitter never wins,” we are told. That's because you have to persevere through tough times if you want to accomplish anything in life. Of course, “there are two ...
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4 epic stories of people quitting their jobs in public

CNBC - 25 Oct 2017
While delivering a live news report for a local CBS affiliate station in Anchorage, Alaska, Charlo Greene decided she was done with that job. After revealing on air that she was the owner of a local cannabis organization, she came out in favor of ...

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