Charlo Greene reaches pot club fundraising goal, claims weed helped her ... -
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4 epic stories of people quitting their jobs in public

CNBC - 25 Oct 2017
While delivering a live news report for a local CBS affiliate station in Anchorage, Alaska, Charlo Greene decided she was done with that job. After revealing on air that she was the owner of a local cannabis organization, she came out in favor of ...
charlo greene

Workers who managed to leave their jobs in absolute style - 04 Nov 2017
Journalist Charlo Greene was a reporter for Alaska's KTVA channel when she bluntly left her on-air job in September, 2014. Greene was speaking about medical marijuana when she bluntly announced she'd be devoting all her time to getting marijuana ...
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Blunt talk from Democrats about legalizing marijuana

Chicago Sun-Times - 03 Nov 2017
Alaska Cannabis Club CEO Charlo Greene smokes a joint at the medical marijuana dispensary in Anchorage, Alaska, in 2015. (AP File Photo/Mark Thiessen). Rauner's campaign on Thursday wouldn't comment on his thoughts on legalizing marijuana.
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Charlo Greene Brings “The Weed Show” to Los Angeles

CULTURE Magazine - 14 Mar 2017
Charlo Greene, who infamously ended her career as a news anchor for KTVA Anchorage after announcing on air, “F*ck this, I quit,” has re-launched her career with a new Los Angeles based show called, The Weed Show. During the now celebrated ...
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Perfekt im Abgang

Sü - 03 Nov 2017
Dazu gehört nicht zuletzt das böse F-Wort, das in Talkshows regelmäßig weggepiiiiiept wird. Im Fall von Moderatorin Charlo Greene allerdings kam der Fluch derart überraschend, dass für ein Piep keine Zeit mehr war. Greene hatte für den Sender KTVA über ...
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Charlo Greene: Why Alaska TV anchor faces 54 years for pushing pot

Christian Science Monitor - 03 Oct 2016
Meanwhile, investigators have targeted those, such as TV journalist Charlo Greene, who tried to skirt regulations that she says don't reflect the current law. Advocates say the prosecution is racially biased against Ms. Greene, who is black, and ...
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Woman Faces 54 Years In Prison For Advocating Weed Legalization

Konbini US - 29 Nov 2016
You've probably seen the catchy "Fuck it, I quit" phrase being tossed around the internet back in 2014 after Anchorage-based news reporter Charlo Greene (legal name Charlene Egbe) uttered it on-air announcing her resignation from KTVA and revealing ...
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Οι 7 πιο θεαματικοί τρόποι για να παραιτηθείτε από τη δουλειά σας

Huffington Post Greece - 04 Nov 2017
-Η δημοσιογράφος του KTVA-TV, Charlo Greene κατά τη διάρκεια της τελευταίας ημέρας στη δουλειά κι ενώ βρισκόταν στον αέρα είπε τη φράση «Γαμώτο, παραιτούμαι», εξηγώντας πως από 'δω και στο εξής πρόκειται να αφιερωθεί στον αγώνα για τη ...
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6 presenters who controversially quit live on air - 14 Jul 2017
Greene followed a report on the medical cannabis organisation The Alaska Cannabis Club by declaring herself president of the club, which is obviously a tiny bit of a conflict of interest. She ended the outro with a four-letter statement, resigned on ...

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