Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, ... -
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Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, ...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2017
Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, December 17, 1987) is a former United States Army soldier who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013, of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after disclosing to WikiLeaks nearly 750,000 classified, or unclassified but sensitive, military and diplomatic documents. Manning was sentenced to 35 years confinement in August 2013 and pursuant to a commutation by President Obama, was released on May 17, 2017.
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Harvard Disinvites Chelsea Manning, and the Feeling Is Mutual

New York Times - 15 Sep 2017
Chelsea Manning has declined an offer to speak at Harvard after a dean at the university revoked his invitation for her to be a visiting fellow there. Douglas W. Elmendorf, the dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, told Ms. Manning in a ...
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Chelsea Manning at Harvard: What was the dean thinking?

Chicago Tribune - 19 Sep 2017
As a fan of mystery stories and a veteran of the ivory tower, I couldn't resist mulling over the Chelsea Manning caper. Manning was named a Harvard visiting fellow by one administrator last Wednesday, then axed by a higher-ranking dean shortly after ...
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Catholic University's Chelsea Manning problem

IrishCentral - 24 Sep 2017
Last week, it was big news when Harvard University disinvited infamous secret-spiller Chelsea Manning from a campus fellowship program. Though some see Manning as a hero for revealing the depths of various government secret programs (not to mention ...
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Chelsea Manning's story highlights the key issues of our time

The Guardian - 16 Sep 2017
It was with this in mind that I accepted an invitation to speak with former US army soldier Chelsea Manning at the Nantucket Project, a “festival of ideas” held on a holiday playground off the Massachusetts coast. In this same setting a few years ago, ...
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The irrational disdain for Chelsea Manning

The Outline - 18 Sep 2017
And as we learned this past week, due to a cowardly decision by Harvard to rescind a fellowship given to Chelsea Manning in the face of pressure from current and former heads of the Central Intelligence Agency, it appears that there is no whistleblower ...
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Chelsea Manning headed to Harvard as visiting fellow

The Hill (blog) - 13 Sep 2017
Whistleblower and transgender activist Chelsea Manning is planning to speak as part of the Harvard Institute of Politics' 2017-2018 Visiting Fellows program, the university announced on Wednesday. At Harvard, Manning will join former White House press ...
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Chelsea Manning: The Dystopia We Signed Up For

New York Times - 13 Sep 2017
Chelsea Manning is an advocate of government transparency, a transgender rights activist and a former United States Army intelligence analyst. In 2013 she was convicted under the Espionage Act for leaking classified documents about the wars in Iraq and ...
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Donald Trump's debt of gratitude to Chelsea Manning - 18 Sep 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, I present Chelsea Manning – my nominee for Person of the 21st century. Manning is 29, five-foot-two, blonde with pretty blue eyes. Her childhood in Oklahoma and Wales was a mess; after drifting through low-paid jobs, she joined ...
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Harvard Withdraws Chelsea Manning's Visiting Fellowship Invitation

Wall Street Journal (subscription) - 15 Sep 2017
Harvard University reversed its decision to name Chelsea Manning a visiting fellow early Friday, a day after Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo scrapped a planned appearance over the title for the soldier who was convicted of leaking ...
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Chelsea Manning Headlines New Yorker Festival

New York Times - 04 Sep 2017
In previous years, The New Yorker Festival has centered on pop culture luminaries, from David Letterman to Stephen Sondheim. But this year's festival, from Oct. 6 to 8 in Manhattan, will skew political, with interviews with Chelsea Manning, Preet ...

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