Chelsea Manning Reveals First Photo Since Being Released From Prison -
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Chelsea Manning, don't follow in Caitlyn Jenner's footsteps

Los Angeles Times - 26 May 2017
Could anyone have dreamed up a more complex pop icon and trans heroine than Chelsea Manning? The former Army intelligence analyst, born Bradley Manning, who turned over a trove of classified files to WikiLeaks downloaded while she was stationed in ...
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Chelsea Manning Leaves Prison, Closing an Extraordinary Leak Case

New York Times - 17 May 2017
WASHINGTON — Chelsea Manning walked freely out of the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., on Wednesday, bringing to a close one of the most extraordinary criminal cases in American history over the leaking of government secrets to the public.
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Chelsea Manning to do first TV interview since prison release

The Hill - 25 May 2017
Chelsea Manning will speak to ABC News next month in her first TV interview since being released from prison after seven years. The interview will be with ABC's Juju Chang and will air in June on a special edition of "Nightline." Portions of the ...
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Chelsea Manning posts 1st photo revealing new look as a woman

ABC News - 18 May 2017
Chelsea Manning posted the first photo of her new look as a woman, just one day after she was released from military prison. The photo was posted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts @xychelsea87. Manning will speak exclusively with ABC News' Juju ...
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Chelsea Manning knew better

Washington Post - 22 May 2017
Chelsea Manning released highly classified documents, which, with a maximum sentence of 10 years per document , should equal thousands of years in prison. Why is a convicted felon still on active duty and eligible for benefits? When she was in training ...
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Chelsea Manning Will Leave A Military Prison In One Week

NPR - 10 May 2017
Chelsea Manning, the former Army private who leaked a trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks, will be released from prison on May 17, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Manning's 35-year prison sentence was commuted in January by ...
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Chelsea Manning Set To Be Released From Military Prison

NPR - 14 May 2017
US News and World Report writer Steven Nelson discusses the case of Chelsea Manning with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly. Manning was sentenced to 35 years for leaking large amounts of government secrets. MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: On Wednesday ...
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Timeline: Chelsea Manning's long journey to freedom

The Guardian - 17 May 2017
17 December 1987 Bradley Manning is born in Crescent, Oklahoma, to an American father and Welsh mother. November 2001 Manning and her mother move to Haverfordwest in Wales after her parents' divorce. The teenager shows an aptitude for ...
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Chelsea Manning Is Using Social Media Like It's the Good Ol' Days

Gizmodo - 20 May 2017
After seven years in a military prison, Manning was free on May 17th. And over the last few days, her social media posts have been reminding us of the good old internet, before logging on meant bracing yourself for news of the next disaster. To let the ...
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Chelsea Manning 'will complete transition out of prison'

BBC News - 15 May 2017
Chelsea Manning is "very pleased" that she will be free to complete her transition out of prison, her lawyer Nancy Hollander has said. Manning was given transition hormones in jail but was not allowed to grow her hair, Ms Hollander told the BBC's ...
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Chelsea Manning Giving First TV Interview, Trumpets ABC News

Newsmax - 26 May 2017
Chelsea Manning, now the hottest transgender celebrity after her release from military prison, is handing "Nightline" her first television interview as a free woman, ABC News announced, adding that portions will be splashed across the entire network.
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Chelsea Manning's release: Life beyond whistle-blowing - 17 May 2017
New York, US - Chelsea Manning is set to leave military prison this week. The transgender whistle-blower is counting down the days to her release from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, on May 17. She will regain her liberty and the right, long denied, to grow ...
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Things to Know About the Chelsea Manning Release

AppsforPCdaily - 30 May 2017
"I'm figuring things out right now - which is exciting, awkward, fun, and all new for me", Manning said by email hours after being released from confinement at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, having served seven years behind bars for one of the largest ...
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James Comey, Chelsea Manning, NBA Draft: Your Wednesday Briefing

New York Times - 17 May 2017
President Trump at the White House on Tuesday. The chairman of the House Oversight Committee has asked the F.B.I. for all of its records of conversations between the president and its former director, James Comey. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times.

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