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2019 Chevy Blazer: Top 10 things you need to know

CNET - 23 Jun 2018
The Blazer is returning to showrooms for the 2019 model year and here's what we know about Chevy's new crossover SUV so far. 1. Unibody foundation: Unlike the previous-generation Blazers, the new 2019 Chevy Blazer will not be an old-school ...
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Chevy Blazer is coming back -- and it'll be made in Mexico

CBS News - 22 Jun 2018
GM on Thursday unveiled the sculpted Blazer in Atlanta, trying to capitalize on a well-known name that has a lot of equity, said Steve Majoros, Chevy's director of car and crossover marketing. "There's still a number of people that either have good ...
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GM Is Bringing Back the Chevy Blazer—and Building It in Mexico

Fortune - 22 Jun 2018
Just as U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening tariffs on imported autos, General Motors plans to resurrect the Chevrolet Blazer, this time as a sleeker sport utility vehicle — made in Mexico. The new mid-size model — bigger than the Equinox ...
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General Motors to manufacture new Chevy Blazer in Mexico

CNBC - 22 Jun 2018
General Motors to manufacture new Chevy Blazer in Mexico. 1:52 PM ET Fri, 22 June 2018. CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports on General Motors' plan to build its new Chevy Blazer crossover SUV in Mexico, to the disapproval of the United Auto Workers union.
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Burn Book: Flaming (and Defending) the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer

Cars.com News - 03 Jul 2018
Is Chevrolet's recently unveiled 2019 Blazer SUV a good thing? A bad thing? We haven't driven it yet, so we can't say for sure. Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from riling up the staff with the following hot take: the 2019 Blazer is bad and ugly ...
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Chevy Blazer through the years

Detroit Free Press - 22 Jun 2018
None. The Chevy Blazer made its debut as a 1969 model combining the versatility of 4 wheel drive with such traditional passenger car convenience options as power steering and brakes and paving the way for future SUX innovations and refinements.
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All-New 2019 Chevrolet Blazer: What You Need to Know

U.S. News & World Report - 29 Jun 2018
Chevrolet currently offers a 2-row compact SUV in the Chevrolet Equinox and a 3-row midsize SUV in the Chevrolet Traverse. The last time they offered a 2-row midsize SUV was in 2009 with the Chevrolet TrailBlazer. Chevy is jumping back into the 2-row ...
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GM's New Chevy Blazer Looks as Lame as the Stock Market Right Now

TheStreet.com - 22 Jun 2018
The Blazer was always a cute but tough-looking truck. My dad had one in the late 1990s, decked out with all the interior creature comforts and manly exterior aftermarket parts. It had an identity that said: "Hey, you really don't want to own a Ford (F ...
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The Chevy Blazer returns in a bizarre way

Fox News - 21 Jun 2018
Unlike the rugged two-door K5 Blazer, however, this one is expected to be a street-smart crossover based on the GMC Acadia. That would position it between the Equinox and Traverse in the company's lineup, where it would compete against vehicles like ...
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See the all-new Chevy Blazer

CNNMoney - 22 Jun 2018
The Chevrolet Blazer will go on sale in 2019, but those with nostalgia for the classic model may be disappointed. Top Videos. What happens when brands try to go green 02:10 What happens when brands try to go green. Families went so nuts for a ...
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2019 Chevrolet Blazer: Our Full Preview and Gallery

Cars.com News - 25 Jun 2018
Another badge from the distant past comes back in the form of Chevrolet's new 2019 Blazer, reviving a Chevrolet SUV staple that ran from the 1983 S10 Blazer through the nameplate's demise in 2005 (and that's to say nothing of the big K5 Blazer of even ...
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Comparing The Chevy Blazer, the Ford Edge, and the Jeep Cherokee

Top Speed - 06 Jul 2018
It is time we faced the truth. The new Chevrolet Blazer isn't an off-roader, but a cool-looking family CUV and the best way for all of us to accept that is to compare it with its new competition - the Ford Edge and the Jeep Cherokee. I suspect both of ...
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Chevy Unveils New Blazer, Looks To Fit You Perfectly

Motor1.com - 20 Jun 2018
We know Chevy will introduce a new Blazer sometime later this year. What we thought would be a new crossover though, appears to be a merchandising opportunity for the automaker. Or some intelligent marketing that feels like an idea from Dad Jokes 101.
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Chevy Blazer and Ford Bronco in 2020

Hot Rod Network - 06 Jul 2018
If the Blazer images are any indication, it's safe to say that both it and the Bronco are far separated from their ancestors. Long gone are the V8s and solid axles to make way for modular seating, Wi-Fi, and small hybrid drivetrains. This is the way of ...
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Chevy adds Blazer to lineup

Detroit Free Press - 22 Jun 2018
The Chevy Blazer will be a two-row SUV, taking on the Ford Edge, Nissan Murano and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Detroit Free Press. by Taboola by Taboola. AD CONTENT. Nerdwallet · California Residents Can Pay Off Credit Card Debt Like ThisNerdwallet.

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