The childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), also known ... -
childhood disintegrative disorder

The childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), also known ...

wikipedia - 20 Sep 2016
The childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), also known as Heller's syndrome and disintegrative psychosis, is a rare condition characterized by late onset of developmental delays—or stunning reversals—in language, social function, and motor skills. Researchers have not been successful in finding a cause for the disorder. CDD has some similarity to autism, and is sometimes considered a low-functioning form of it. In May 2013, the term CDD, along with other types of autism, was fus
childhood disintegrative disorder

Researchers work to help children with a rare form of autism

Medical Xpress - 13 Dec 2017
Minutes after the video ended, Fred R. Volkmar, M.D., the Irving B. Harris Professor in the Child Study Center and professor of psychology, and Alexander Westphal, M.D., HS '11, Ph.D. '12, FW '12, assistant professor of psychiatry in the YCSC, broke ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Rare form of regression is distinct from most autism

Spectrum - 01 Jun 2017
Children with CDD develop typically for three to four years, on average, before experiencing a dramatic regression — often involving motor skills and language — that can last weeks to months. When the children stabilize, they show signs of autism ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

The most terrifying childhood condition you've never heard of

Spectrum - 06 Jul 2016
Gina, now 24, was diagnosed 20 years ago with childhood disintegrative disorder, or CDD. CDD is the strangest and most unsettling developmental condition you have probably never heard of. Also known as Heller's syndrome, for the Austrian special ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Everything Worth Knowing About ... Autism Spectrum Disorder

Discover Magazine - 19 Jun 2017
Autism was once separate from other developmental complications such as Asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) and childhood disintegrative disorder. But in 2013, the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

My son has a rare form of autism. Learning to surf helped save him

Washington Post - 09 Sep 2017
Our son, Dan, hit all of his early life milestones on time — walking, talking, playing and interacting — until he was 3, when worrying changes began to emerge. He started chewing the collars off his shirts, ripping them to shreds. Nothing would stop ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Caryn Sullivan: Autism: How one family found peace in Plan B Press - 20 Apr 2017
Emmett Pattee had an unremarkable birth marked by normal Apgar scores. He reached his early developmental milestones. But, at 22 months old, his three-word phrases evaporated. He stopped sleeping through the night. He moved more, spoke less, and ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Low Levels of Vitamin D At Birth Linked To Autism: Study

Mental Daily - 30 Nov 2017
Researchers were then able to determine the risk factor for autism by looking at vitamin D deficiencies at birth. According to the findings, the vitamin D levels of the 310 newborns diagnosed with a developmental disorder were abnormally lower ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

New global diagnostic manual mirrors US autism criteria

Spectrum - 11 Dec 2017
Both the DSM-5 and ICD-11 subsume childhood disintegrative disorder, a regressive condition that surfaces in late childhood, into the autism spectrum, despite its distinct features. The DSM-5 does not include regression as a criterion for an autism ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Autism test could unlock much earlier diagnosis

SlashGear - 19 Feb 2018
Indeed, while autism is often referred to as a singular condition, in reality it's an umbrella term that encompasses a wide array of disorders. According to the DSM-5, the latest iteration of the diagnostic tool used by the American Psychiatric ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

LabCorp patents autism diagnosis method

Burlington Times News - 07 Jan 2018
The method is stated to aid in the diagnosis of five autism spectrum disorders, all of which fall under the umbrella of pervasive developmental disorders: autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, Rett's disorder, and ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

The Child Is Fine. Then a Mystifying Regression Occurs

Newser - 14 Jul 2016
(Newser) – A headline at Spectrum calls childhood disintegrative disorder "the most terrifying childhood condition you've never heard of." The story by David Dobbs then backs it up. CDD, or Heller's syndrome, is a form of autism—in fact, it's kind of ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Fatal diagnosis doesn't dampen boy's spirit

The Tennessean - 26 Dec 2016
Still, Alex continued to be the sweet boy they always knew, reaching out to people, holding their hands and smiling, doing whatever he could to connect with people even as he, more and more, couldn't talk to them. When he was 10, a Chattanooga ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

How Typical Is Atypical's Autism Story?

Screen Rant - 23 Aug 2017
These days, it's typically diagnosed as a spectrum disorder and you may hear it referred to as “ASD” (for “autism spectrum disorder”). The autism spectrum includes classical autism, but it also includes other conditions: Asperger's syndrome, Heller's ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Understanding the Autistic Spectrum

University of Utah Health Care - 24 Apr 2017
For Julia Connelly, PhD, clinical director of the University of Utah Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic, the challenge of addressing misdiagnoses is a constant process. “I think the main reason is because of the range autistic spectrum covers,” she said ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Where are they now?: Doug Flutie

The Globe and Mail - 19 May 2017
Their son Dougie is turning 21 and has Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, a low functioning form of autism. He's non verbal and needs their care, but Flutie says he has made progress and is happy. The couple shares a few of their favourite CFL memories ...
childhood disintegrative disorder

Powerful personal stories from Island families - 17 Jan 2017
Prior to the community residence, Crecco lived with her mother in Florida until she passed away. It was at the group home -- where Crecco lived with six other women -- that she was assaulted by another resident, according to her sister Donna Trotta ...

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