Chip Sarafin, Arizona State offensive lineman, comes out as gay -
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Chip Sarafin, Arizona State offensive lineman, comes out as gay - 13 Aug 2014
Anderson said in his statement that Sarafin, a Tillman Scholar who participates heavily in the Phoenix youth sports scene, embodies all of the characteristics that set the school's student-athletes apart. "The entire athletics department is extremely ...
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Arizona State's Chip Sarafin: Coming out was 'quite the relief'

USA TODAY - 15 Aug 2014
CAMP TONTOZONA, Ariz. — Chip Sarafin wasn't looking for a quick dose of fame. Nor was he trying to make a statement. The Arizona State senior just wanted to be himself, and he wanted his teammates to know the real truth, the real him. The fact he is ...
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Letter: DUI on private property

Virginian-Pilot - 22 Feb 2018
The state Senate might not be remiss in passing a bill that would give Virginians who drive drunk on their own property an exemption from DUI laws. The Pilot's Editorial Board questioned HB308 in its Feb. 19 editorial, “Don't chip away at Virginia's ...
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26 Football Players Who Came Out of the Closet - 21 Jul 2017
When Kansas State offensive tackle and NFL hopeful Scott Frantz came out to the nation as gay last week, he shared that his teammates, to whom he'd come out earlier, had warmly received the news, a sign the most alpha of locker rooms may finally be ...
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Princeton Tigers OL Mason Darrow comes out as gay - 16 Sep 2015
Princeton Tigers offensive lineman Mason Darrow has come out as gay in a profile on Darrow first told a teammate in November of 2013 about his sexual orientation. Eventually, the whole team found out, but Darrow did not tell coaches ...
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US Ranks Worst in Sports Homophobia Study

TIME - 09 May 2015
Throughout most of high school, Michael Martin—a senior at Musselman High School in Inwood, W. Va.—kept his sexuality hidden from his soccer teammates. “I was afraid I would get harassed, tormented, made fun of a lot,” said Martin, who knew he was ...
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Arizona State football player Edward Sarafin announces he is gay

Washington Times - 14 Aug 2014
This undated image provided by Arizona state University shows Edward “ChipSarafin in Phoenix. Arizona State offensive lineman Sarafin has told a local magazine he is gay, making him the first active Division I football player to come out. (AP ...
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Top 10 LGBT Sporty Moments of 2014 - 29 Dec 2014
Prior to the start of the college football season, Arizona State backup offensive lineman Edward “ChipSarafin came out publicly as gay, making him the only active player in major college football to do so. As a redshirt, Sarafin had already earned ...
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Ex-Gophers lineman no longer keeping secret about being gay

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 11 Feb 2016
Luke McAvoy knew he was gay in 2010, when he committed to the Gophers before his senior year of high school in Bloomington, Ill. The 6-5, 280-pound lineman shared the secret with his mother that fall. She urged him to keep it hidden, lest he give up ...

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