Chris Kluwe Q&A: Punter explains claims against Vikings -
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Chris Kluwe Q&A: Punter explains claims against Vikings

USA TODAY - 02 Jan 2014
Chris Kluwe says he isn't going to try to make another NFL roster after a year away, knowing he might not get the chance anyway after the attack he launched against his former bosses this week. The outspoken punter told USA TODAY Sports on Friday he's ...
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As athletes speak out, pro sports more gay-friendly

Wisconsin Gazette - 18 Sep 2017
But with Minnesota voters weighing whether to ban gay marriage this fall, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has emerged as a high-profile gay rights champion – and a symbol of changing attitudes toward homosexuality in the sports world. “I'd like to win some ...
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Dayton, Lawmakers Hire Mediator to Work Out Legal Dispute

U.S. News & World Report - 12 Sep 2017
Solum is an experienced mediator: He helped settle a dispute over the price of land where the new Minnesota Twins' stadium was eventually built and, more recently, helped patch things up between the Minnesota Vikings and its former punter, Chris Kluwe, ...
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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: #5

Daily Norseman - 02 Sep 2017
The Vikings' 2005 draft class was a complete disaster, but that season they did manage to snag punter Chris Kluwe as an undrafted free agent. Kluwe would be the Vikings' punter for eight seasons, and he holds most of the significant punting records in ...
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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: #2

Daily Norseman - 05 Sep 2017
Darren Bennett, P (2004 - 2005): Saying that Bennett was the punter in '05 is a stretch, as he only punted in one game for the Vikings that season before being replaced by Chris Kluwe. In his one full season, he averaged barely 39 yards/punt. Not great.
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The 10 best wearable technology TED talks

Gadgets & Wearables - 23 Aug 2017
TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences run under the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading”. The emphasis is on the entertainment aspect. TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event; the annual conference series began in 1990.
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Colts will go with rookie punter after releasing Jeff Locke

FanRag Sports (blog) - 28 Aug 2017
Locke played in all 64 regular-season games for the Vikings after taking over for Chris Kluwe. The Vikes used a fifth-round pick on Locke, then out of UCLA, in 2013. He finished fifth last season in punts landing inside opponents' 20-yard lines. A ...
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Chris Kluwe tweets about 'karma' after Blair Walsh is waived

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 15 Nov 2016
It's been almost three years since former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe went public with allegations that he lost his job because of his political views — and that special teams coach Mike Priefer was a “bigot.” Not long after Kluwe published those ...
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Former NFL player Chris Kluwe to speak at Gonzaga

Bulletin - 27 Sep 2016
Chris Kluwe, a former National Football League player and outspoken LGBTQ+ activist, will speak at Gonzaga in the Hemmingson Auditorium on Tuesday. "I think it's always important to reach out beyond just the people who regularly attend LGBTQ+ specific ...
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Kaepernick case isn't about race but NFL censorship

Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog) - 23 Jun 2017
Naturally, Kaep's plight is reduced to black and white. While I am a sucker for a good debate on racial inequality, it does not apply here as it relates to the NFL's unwillingness to employ Kaep. Because, the last time I checked, Chris Kluwe is white.
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Chris Kluwe can't be moral crusader after his cruel Twitter rant - 20 Jul 2014
And Chris Kluwe, it turns out, is the very thing he claims to hate: a jerk who traffics in cruel humor, homophobic jokes and look-the-other-way cowardice when the mood strikes. Now that he has been outed as such -- and has outed himself with his own ...

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