Chris Kluwe Q&A: Punter explains claims against Vikings -
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Chris Kluwe Q&A: Punter explains claims against Vikings

USA TODAY - 02 Jan 2014
Chris Kluwe says he isn't going to try to make another NFL roster after a year away, knowing he might not get the chance anyway after the attack he launched against his former bosses this week. The outspoken punter told USA TODAY Sports on Friday he's ...
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Brian Murphy: Vikings' LGTBQ symposium a victory for Chris Kluwe Press - 20 Jun 2018
But somehow, something constructive has emerged from one of the most sordid episodes in Minnesota Vikings history. Chris Kluwe and the Vikings are reuniting Thursday at the TCO Performance Center in Eagan, not to re-open settlement talks from their ...
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Chris Kluwe: 'NFL Players Should Absolutely Continue Protesting'

CBS Pittsburgh - 24 May 2018
Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe also weighed in, publishing an opinion piece for NBC News in which he calls the new policy “fundamentally un-American.” Instead, Kluwe argues, the NFL and its owners submitted to a bully in an attempt to win ...
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AP-Sports Pronunciation Guide AK

WQOW TV News 18 - 13 Sep 2018
Vitali Klitschko — VIH'-tah-lee KLICH'-koh. Wladimir Klitschko — VLAD'-uh-meer KLICH'-koh. Andreas Kloden — KLOH'-den. Miroslav Klose — KLOH'-suh. Chris Kluwe — KLOO'-wee. Vitaly Kolesnik — koh-LEHS'-nik. Juraj Kolnik — YOOR'-ihg KOHL'-nihk.
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Minnesota pro teams working on inclusivity toward the LGBTQ community

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 08 Mar 2018
“Even knowing that the team will say, 'Hey, we see you, you're out there, you're welcome here,' that is such a huge thing for so many people,” said former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, a straight LGBTQ “ally” who settled a potential lawsuit against the ...
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Minnesota Vikings host LGBTQ Summit to promote inclusion in sports

The Viking Age - 24 Jun 2018
The Minnesota Vikings became the first NFL team to host a summit based on promoting an atmosphere of inclusion in professional sports on June 21, 2018 which included former punter Chris Kluwe among the panelists. Moderated by KARE11's Jana Shortal, ...
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Barbershop: NFL's New National Anthem Policy

NPR - 26 May 2018
MARTIN: And Chris Kluwe is a writer and a former NFL player. He is a former punter for the Minnesota Vikings. He's with us via Skype. Chris Kluwe, welcome back to you as well. CHRIS KLUWE: Yeah. Thanks for having me on. MARTIN: All right. So spoiler ...
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The Internet's Open Letter To Chris Kluwe

Forbes - 22 Oct 2015
Dear Chris,. (I'd love to do this again.) I usually let the beautiful voices of the Internet speak for themselves whenever I compile this sort of post, but before we get into social media's reaction to the mic drop that was your open letter to Houston ...

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