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Straight Talk About Christopher Columbus

Wall Street Journal - 23 Nov 2017
Columbus Day used to be a celebration of the enterprising courage of Christopher Columbus and other explorers who set out into the unknown and began the long process of establishing civilization in a new part of the world. That triumphalist account ...
christopher columbus

New Yorkers split over whether to nix Christopher Columbus

New York Post - 17 Nov 2017
New Yorkers got their first chance Friday to sound off on Christopher Columbus — and they split nearly evenly over whether statues honoring the famed explorer should be removed from city property. The occasion was the first hearing of Mayor de Blasio ...
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Man accused of vandalizing Yonkers Columbus statue

The Journal News | - 16 Nov 2017
YONKERS - A Bronx man has been accused of writing obscenities on a Christopher Columbus statue in Yonkers in what police called "an act of spontaneous vandalism." Yonkers police said Paul Martin, 33, was making deliveries in the area when he decided ...
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Houston police identify serial bank robber

KPRC Click2Houston - 21 Nov 2017
Houston - Police search for a man who robbed a bank twice and robbed third bank three days later. Christopher Columbus Parker, 58, has a long history of thefts and assaults, going back to 1995. But it he's recently taken a liking to banks -- one in ...
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Nina and Pinta replicas dock here

Muskogee Daily Phoenix - 23 Nov 2017
The Nina and the Pinta were the two smaller ships that sailed on Christopher Columbus' voyages to the New World in 1492. Nina First Mate Kat Wilson said they have no replica of Columbus' third ship, the cargo vessel Santa Maria. She said the Santa ...
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Connecticut Rotary Club chapters bring coats to students

New Haven Register - 23 Nov 2017
This week, Martin and New Haven Rotary Club Past President Ron Osach delivered more than 180 coats at Christopher Columbus Family Academy in Fair Haven. “This is like a miracle for us, because a lot of times we want to help, but we're limited,” said ...
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Christopher Columbus: the meaning behind the man

University of Northern Colorado The Mirror - 07 Nov 2017
Columbus Day falls on the second Monday of October. It celebrates Christopher Columbus and the narrative of the explorer discovering America. To some, this day is a symbol of accomplishment, a piece of history to be celebrated. Though, a differing ...

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