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Chuck Hagel

The Economist (blog) - 24 Nov 2014
WHEN in a hole, fire someone. That's the Washington way. Bigwigs and advisers alike must be wondering who will be next after Monday's very public sacking of Chuck Hagel, the defence secretary (though to be precise, the White House says he resigned ...
chuck hagel

New mentorship program to link generations of vet leaders

Military Times - 06 Aug 2018
Officials from HillVets this week announced a new mentorship program that will feature big names from the world of veterans and national security policy: former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel; House Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Phil Roe, R-Tenn.
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The White House and the Strongman

New York Times - 27 Jul 2018
The White House was sending Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel talking points intended to warn General Sisi that Washington would punish a coup. Among other things, United States law mandated a cutoff of aid to any military that overturned an elected ...
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In A Tumultuous Administration, Defense Secretary Endures

KCUR - 24 Jul 2018
"I think Secretary Mattis is in a more difficult situation than any secretary of defense we've ever had," says Chuck Hagel, the former Nebraska Republican senator who served as President Obama's third defense secretary. "You've got a president of the ...
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Chuck Hagel: Serving in Vietnam — With My Brother

New York Times - 28 Dec 2017
Fifty years ago this month, I landed at Tan Son Nhut Airport near Saigon in the Republic of Vietnam. I recall the bus ride taking us from Travis Air Force Base in California to board the plane. The bus was full of young innocent Army privates, having ...
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Hagel says Trump 'an embarrassment'

Lincoln Journal Star - 14 Jan 2018
"Globally, you see the same political dysfunction in virtually every democracy in the world," Hagel said, with England abandoning the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel struggling to form a coalition government and Emmanuel Macron ...
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Chuck Hagel: Trump 'an embarrassment'

CNN - 15 Jan 2018
Hagel, who served as secretary of defense under former President Barack Obama, said in addition to withdrawing from the world, Trump's attacks on the intelligence community are also damaging. The country has "a President who minimizes his own ...
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Chuck Hagel salutes John McCain, his longtime friend

Lincoln Journal Star - 03 Jun 2018
It comes from an old friend whose best-buddy relationship with McCain was ruptured by deep policy differences over the war in Iraq, ultimately spilling across TV screens during contentious Senate Armed Services Committee hearings on Hagel's nomination ...
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Trump carries on US tradition by coddling Egypt's strongman

Washington Post - 30 Jul 2018
According to his and other recent accounts, former secretary of state John F. Kerry and former defense secretary Chuck Hagel worked to normalize the new status quo under Sissi. Even the slaughter of hundreds of supporters of Morsi and the elected ...
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Trump's treatment of families of the fallen 'sickens' Chuck Hagel

USA TODAY - 19 Oct 2017
WASHINGTON — President Trump's treatment of families of fallen troops “sickens” former Defense secretary Chuck Hagel, who labeled his recent calls and other statements “beneath the dignity of the presidency.” Hagel, in an interview with USA TODAY, ...
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How the Vietnam war tore these brothers apart

New York Post - 11 Nov 2017
The blast, and the gunfire that followed, flattened the column of soldiers. Twenty-one-year-old Chuck Hagel was on his back, blood bubbling out of his chest with every breath. His 19-year-old brother, Tom, stuffed bandages into the holes to stem the ...

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