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chumlee dies

'Chumlee' of 'Pawn Stars' opens candy store

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 05 Jul 2017
Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard features nostalgic candy from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, Pez and a huge assortment of Pez dispensers ranging from Star Wars to Disney to Pokemon characters, among others. We also carry other oldies but goodies ...
chumlee dies

Chumlee Dead Death Hoax: 'Pawn Stars' Cast Member Victim of Hoax

Christian Post - 08 Jul 2017
Chumlee is the recent victim of a death hoax, the second time since 2014. The fake news said that the "Pawn Stars" cast died of marijuana overdose. The source further reported that he was found by his friend Corey "Big Boss" Harrison. A medical ...
chumlee dies

Chumlee's candy store cuts hours; Harrison celebrates wedding

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 30 Jun 2017
Earlier this month, “Pawn Stars” mainstay Austin “Chumlee” Russell and his brother Sage opened the store at Pawn Plaza in downtown Las Vegas. Now, the store has reduced its hours: It's open from noon-5 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. The hours ...
chumlee dies

Chumlee finally opens Candy on the Blvd at Pawn Plaza

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 21 Jun 2017
Finally, after a delay that seemed to stretch as long as an Everlasting Gobstopper, Chumlee's Candy on the Blvd. is open for business at Pawn Plaza. The two-story retail center constructed of prefabricated steel containers sits just south of Gold ...
chumlee dies

Sept. 25 retrial set for 2 charged in Bunkerville standoff

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 23 Aug 2017
“I need to go see my mom before she dies,” he said Wednesday, momentarily choking back tears. “I was helping take care of her before I was arrested.” U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro ruled that Drexler and co-defendant Scott Parker may return home to ...
chumlee dies

Why did 'Pawn Stars' fans think Chumlee was dead?

Blasting News - 23 Feb 2017
Chumlee, however, was thought to be dead by his fans because he hadn't been active on social media for quite some time. It was only recently that he broke his silence and began posting again. This also isn't the first time that Chumlee was the victim ...
chumlee dies

New candy shop hits 'Pawn Stars' fave Chumlee's sweet spot

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 01 May 2017
Chumlee is expanding his “Pawn Stars” empire, one Pez dispenser at a time. “I wanted to start a candy shop, and here we are,” says Austin Russell, blessed with the nickname of Chumlee, a favorite figure on History's “Pawn Stars.” “My brother and I ...
chumlee dies

Chumlee's new candy store to open today in downtown Las Vegas

News3LV - 10 May 2017
You may know "Chumlee" from the hit reality show "Pawn Stars." now Austin Russell is branching out with "Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard,” right across the street from the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, at Las Vegas Boulevard and Gass.
chumlee dies

82-year-old man found dead in Denver elevator

Washington Post - 11 Aug 2017
Nearly a month after he went missing, Isaak Komisarchik, 82, was found dead in the elevator car of a Denver apartment complex Aug. 2. Nearly a month after he went missing, Isaak Komisarchik, 82, was found dead in the elevator car of a Denver apartment ...
chumlee dies

Expect 'lots of solo Chum!' next season on 'Pawn Stars'

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 15 Nov 2016
Chumlee has long been the comic foil on “Pawn Stars,” depicted as the cast member most likely to shoot himself in the foot with, say, a 1762 Grice Brown Bess Musket (a gun that was actually featured in season 11 of the History Channel show). And ...

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