Another Chupacabra Monster Tale Bites the Dust in Texas -

Another Chupacabra Monster Tale Bites the Dust in Texas - 02 Apr 2014
The latest viral tale of a caged bloodsucking chupacabra in Texas has been put to rest, literally and figuratively. It all started when a Texas couple caught a critter that they saw eating corn in a tree on their property in Ratcliffe, Texas. Jackie ...

Was a mythical beast hanging out on this golf course?

New York Post - 10 Aug 2017
Has the Chupacabra been spotted in the Carolinas? Pictures of a strange animal taken by a golfer in South Carolina are sparking lively debate about the mythical beast. Doug Stewart posted five photos of the animal on Facebook Saturday and asked for ...

Treasure hunter believes he found chupacabra skull

KOB 4 - 29 Jul 2017
Legend has it the goat sucker first appeared in Puerto Rico in the 1990s. But this week, Martin Mcosker said he found one just south of Las Vegas, New Mexico. The avid treasure hunter often spends time searching for something interesting, but when he ...

CA community believes chupacabras are after their pets - 28 Jul 2017
Members of a community in Southern California are convinced they've seen the mythical chupacabra--and it could be stalking their pets. The Huffington Post reports three residents of Riverside have claimed sightings, including Cary Shuker, who said he ...

Move aside unicorns, it's time for the 'goatsucker' frappucino

Metro - 22 Jul 2017
The Chupacabra Drink (okay, not an actual frappucino, probably because it's far too dark and grisly for all that creaminess) takes its name from a Puerto Rican legend of a 'goatsucker' beast. It's said to roam the night and drink the blood of those ...

Chupacabra fenyegeti a házi kedvenceket Kaliforniában

Origo - 27 Jul 2017
A dél-kaliforniai Riverside egyik lakóközössége azt állítja, hogy látták a legendás chupacabrát (ejtsd: csupakabra), és a lény a házi kedvenceikre leselkedett, írja a Huffington Post. Az egyik „szemtanú", Cary Shuker azt mesélte a Press-Enterprise ...

Järjekordne loomkoletis chupacabra?

Postimees - 10 Aug 2017
Oli ka neid, kes arvasid, et see on järjekordne chupacabra. Veel pakuti, et tegemist on kas surnud rebase või koiottiga, kellel oli mingi haigus, mille tõttu ta karvad kaotas. «Chupacabra» tähendab hispaania keeles «kitseimeja» ja legendi kohaselt ründab see ...

Top local stories we are following today

WLOS - 10 Aug 2017
Water covers U.S. 19 in Madison County. Chupacabra in the Carolinas? Or a coyote with mange? We asked an expert. 4. 2 days ago. Protesters topple Confederate statue outside North Carolina courthouse. 16-year-old charged with murder in death of his ...

Carnage Drops Heavy Trap Single 'Chupacabra' Featuring Ape Drums

Billboard - 28 Jun 2017
Sometimes the best release plan is no release plan. Carnage decided to drop his heavy-hitting "Chupacabra" collaboration with Ape Drums in the middle of the night Wednesday (June 27) and it's already garnered tens of thousands of plays. He spun the ...

Chavismo Becomes 'El Chupacabra' Of Venezuelan Democracy

Forbes - 27 Apr 2017
El Chupacabra is a never-before-seen creature that's like one part vampire, one part wild dog. It sucks the life out of small mammals. Goats (cabra) are its preferred meal. From Texas to Latin America, the creature is a rural myth, a story for the ...

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