Churchill's Secret is an Anglo-American drama television film f... -
churchill's secret

Churchill's Secret is an Anglo-American drama television film f...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Churchill's Secret is an Anglo-American drama television film first broadcast on ITV1 on 28 February 2016. The screenplay was written by Stewart Harcourt based on the book The Churchill Secret: KBO by Jonathan Smith. It stars Michael Gambon as Winston Churchill and Romola Garai as Millie Appleyard, his nurse.
churchill's secret

Discover the secrets of the Sussex Resistance

Shoreham Herald - 07 Oct 2017
If the invader had succeeded in breaking through the coastal defences, they would have been harried by patrols of the top secret Home Guard Auxiliary Units. This secret resistance was formed of farmers, gamekeepers and others with a detailed knowledge ...
churchill's secret

The secret gay history of Winston Churchill

Gay Star News - 16 Oct 2017
When the first discussions about whether to decriminalize gay sex in the UK reached the cabinet, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister. His words at that meeting set in motion the creation of the Wolfenden Report – a government sanctioned investigation ...
churchill's secret

Winston Churchill's coins offer clue to bank motives

Illawarra Mercury - 09 Oct 2017
But it did make me think of a story about Winston Churchill's valet. One morning he woke late, to discover that he did not have time to press the great man's trousers. To rectify the matter, he grabbed the loose coins that Churchill had left lying on ...
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Churchill's half-smoked cigar auctioned

The Australian - 15 Oct 2017
The picture shows Churchill boarding the plane, cigar in hand. The stump was auctioned online on Wednesday by a collector in Florida. The cigar was described by the auction house as "an integral component of Churchill's public image" and "a truly ...
churchill's secret

Hidden London: take a tour of Churchill's secret underground station

Time Out London (blog) - 11 Jul 2017
These include a 'secret station' on Down Street, used by Winston Churchill to host meetings and hide during the Blitz, and a mile-long World War II shelter in Clapham. There's even a photography tour through Euston station that takes you along some of ...
churchill's secret

Winston Churchill's secret documents to be auctioned in UK

The Indian Express - 27 Jun 2017
Secret documents signed by Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, including one which discusses plans to build a tunnel between England and France in 1914, is set to be auctioned in the UK. The original printed note by Churchill as First Lord ...
churchill's secret

'Maigret' Scribe Stewart Harcourt Signs With ICM Partners

Deadline - 13 Sep 2017
His other TV work includes Dracula for BBC1, Treasure Island (Sky1), Hearts and Bones starring Michael Fassbender and Damien Lewis, Love and Marriage (ITV1) and last year's praised Churchill's Secret starring Michael Gambon on Masterpiece. Harcourt ...
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Inside Churchill's Secret Subterranean WWII Bunker in London

Atlas Obscura - 04 Nov 2016
Winston Churchill broadcast these words from a secret underground command center in central London on September 11, 1940, just after Germany began bombing the city. Now known as Churchill's War Rooms, the complex was situated beneath Whitehall ...
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The search is on for Churchill's secret army in East Devon

Midweek Herald - 22 Apr 2017
In these desperate days Churchill instigated a highly secret organisation, the Auxiliary Units that in the event of a successful German invasion would have made up the British resistance. This force was made up of civilian volunteers who were outside ...
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We've Been Talking About World War III Since Before Pearl Harbor

History - 10 Oct 2017
But Churchill's concern was on another level—which is why he created a secret (and later scrapped) military plan to invade Soviet-occupied territory. “Operation Unthinkable” called for British, American, Polish, and German troops to invade Soviet ...
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'Churchill's Secret' Review: Imagining Winston

Wall Street Journal - 08 Sep 2016
Such is the picture of events that introduces “Churchill's Secret,” a “Masterpiece” drama starring Michael Gambon and adapted from “The Churchill Secret: KBO,” a 2015 novel by Jonathan Smith. “KBO” stands for “keep buggering on”—one of the PM's ...
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Role of Kiwi soldiers in Russian war

Otago Daily Times - 17 Oct 2017
They had all seen service elsewhere and had volunteered in Britain for this secret mission without knowing where they would be going. The force was ill-prepared to face a northern Russian winter. So, Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton visited to ...
churchill's secret

What's on TV Sunday: 'Churchill's Secret' and 'Son of Zorn'

New York Times - 11 Sep 2016
In “Churchill's Secret,” Michael Gambon plays Britain's aging prime minister in 1953, determined to hide his debilitating stroke from the world. “Son of Zorn” blends animated and real characters in the tale of a He-Man-style warrior trying to win back ...

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