CIA torture report: Obama under pressure as calls for accountability grow -
cia torture report

From Criminals to Heroes

Jacobin magazine - 16 Aug 2018
Before Trump's election provided an opportunity for Brennan to rebrand, he was perhaps best known for his role in the CIA's covert spying operation against the Senate staffers who had compiled that body's damning report on CIA torture. In 2014, months ...
cia torture report

WikiLeaks Wonders if 'Bloody Gina' Had Sexual Response to Torture

Sputnik International - 15 Aug 2018
The CIA has a long record of controversial torture practices adopted after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks in the US. In December 2014, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a report shedding light on the agency's interrogation ...
cia torture report

'Waterboarding' probe rocks Britain's Sandhurst military academy - 18 Aug 2018
In May, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ordered damages to two suspects held and tortured from 2004 to 2006 at CIA "black sites" in Romania and Lithuania. A 2014 U.S. Senate report - cited by ECHR judges - concluded that both "high-level ...
cia torture report

John Brennan is the perfect Trump adversary

The Seattle Times - 17 Aug 2018
As the ACLU's own statement defending the former director notes, “Brennan's record is full of grave missteps, and we have been unsparing in our criticism of his defense of the CIA torture program and his role in unlawful lethal strikes abroad.” Drone ...
cia torture report

What Politics and the Media Still Get Wrong About Abu Zubaydah

Lawfare (blog) - 01 Aug 2018
But as the Senate intelligence committee's groundbreaking torture report noted in 2014, the CIA conceded in 2006 that Abu Zubaydah “was not a member of Al Qaeda” (Page 410). Further, effective Jan. 24, 2018, Abu Zubaydah was delisted by the United ...
cia torture report

Pentagon chief promotes anti-China agenda in Latin America

World Socialist Web Site - 18 Aug 2018
All three were also ruled 40 years ago by fascist-military dictatorships backed by the Pentagon and the CIA that murdered, tortured and imprisoned hundreds of thousands of workers, students and others perceived as hostile to military rule. The fourth ...
cia torture report

Senators to press Gina Haspel about her role in CIA torture

USA TODAY - 09 May 2018
The Intelligence Committee's damning report in 2014 of the CIA's torture program concluded that the interrogation of detainees was far more brutal than the CIA disclosed and that top officials misled Congress, the Bush administration and the public ...
cia torture report

Maura Tierney Joins CIA Drama 'The Torture Report'

Deadline - 18 Jun 2018
EXCLUSIVE: The Affair star Maura Tierney is set to co-star in Vice Studios' The Torture Report, written and directed by The Bourne Ultimatum scribe Scott Z. Burns. Tierney will join Adam Driver, Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Tim Blake Nelson, Ben McKenzie, ...
cia torture report

CIA says mistakenly 'shredded' Senate torture report then did not

Reuters - 17 Oct 2017
Championed by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein when she chaired the Senate panel, the “torture report,” as it is known, is the result of a six-year investigation into so-called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA after the Sept. 11 ...

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