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Dry bird? How to keep it juicy

Chicago Tribune - 16 Nov 2017
Now, turkey a la Claudette Colbert (her decadent dip in a milk-filled pool for 1932's "The Sign of the Cross" is still vivid to old movie buffs) may be just fine for the dining rooms of his national network of BLT restaurants, but at home, the chef ...
claudette colbert

Going to the Movies

Patriot Post - 18 Nov 2017
(1942) “The Gold Rush” (Charlie Chaplin), “The Major & the Minor” (Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland), “The Palm Beach Story” (Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea), “Woman of the Year” (Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn) and “The Glass Key” (Alan Ladd, Brian ...
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How the Women of Old Hollywood Dealt With the Industry's Predators

L.A. Weekly - 23 Oct 2017
Even a Golden Age movie star as enormously successful as Claudette Colbert was unable to stop her co-star Fredric March from groping her daily on the set of 1932's The Sign of the Cross. “His hands had 20 fingers, I swear, and they were always on my ...
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Why the Movies Are So Obsessed With Capes

Racked - 14 Nov 2017
No simple swath of fabric would do for Hedy Lamarr in DeMille's Samson and Delilah — we're talking peacock feathers. Fifteen years earlier, in 1934's Cleopatra, DeMille put Claudette Colbert in a cape so voluminous it took seven handmaidens to wrangle it.
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The Ugliest Screwball Comedy

Splice Today - 14 Nov 2017
Shakespeare's script could just about have been written in the 1940s for Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, or Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. Taming of the Shrew is a screwball comedy, complete with banter, a rich spoiled woman (that would be Kate), ...
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Daffodils in Riot

Baxter Bulletin - 02 Nov 2017
“Daffodils in Riot” went to the landfill the next morning. A new can of wallpaper cleaner brought the characters in the old wallpaper back to brightness, and Mr. Heidelbach took Grandma to the movies to watch Clark Gable smooch it up with Claudette ...
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Smythson returns home to open new London flagship

BQ Live - 15 Nov 2017
Established in 1887, the company has long catered to the highly discerning, from European Royalty and the Indian Maharajas to the likes of Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Claudette Colbert and Vivien Leigh. The brand also boasts three Royal Warrants, ...
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Discovering the 'Ghosts' of Paramount Ranch

LAist - 23 Oct 2017
These included The Virginian, starring Gary Cooper; Sign of the Cross, with Claudette Colbert; Blonde Venus, starring Marlene Dietrich; Klondike Annie, Nothing Sacred, Ball of Fire, The Island of Lost Souls, Bwana Devil, and countless Westerns ...
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Love or Money?

Splice Today - 26 Oct 2017
Gerry Jeffers (Claudette Colbert) isn't a street worker; she's an adventuress in search of a sugar daddy. Yet, while it's less frank than Pretty Woman in some ways, The Palm Beach Story is considerably more forthright in others. In particular, while ...
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1935: Claudette Colbert fools attorney

El Paso Times (blog) - 22 Feb 2017
Franco Urias Finds He filed Suit for Actress Against Her Husband, using Their Legal Appellations; Granted in Juarez, Aug. 22. Claudette Colbert, beauteous film star, obtained a Juarez divorce from Norman Foster on the ground of incompatibility ...
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Robert Hirsch : les plus grands rôles d'un comédien prodigieux

Le Figaro - 16 Nov 2017
VIDÉOS - Au théâtre, sa passion, il aura tout joué. Le Figaro a retrouvé de précieuses captations, dont Le Misanthrope et le désopilant sketch de «Robertine Hirsch» présenté par Jacques Charon. Trop rare au cinéma, il eut le temps de travailler avec ...
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Almanac: A better doughnut hole

CBS News - 09 Jul 2017
And now a page from our "Sunday Morning" Almanac: July 9th, 1872, 145 years ago today … the day John F. Blondel of the state of Maine won a patent for his spring-loaded doughnut cutter -- a much neater way of trimming the dough and punching out that ...
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Un Lubitsch peut en cacher un autre

La Croix - 10 Nov 2017
ENTRETIEN Dans une rétrospective alléchante, la Fondation Pathé, à Paris, revient sur la période allemande d'Ernest Lubitsch, où l'on trouve en germe de nombreux thèmes du réalisateur de « To be or not be ». Trois questions à Nora Ouaziz, responsable ...
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Fred MacMurray's comic side ripe for rediscovery

San Francisco Chronicle - 14 Apr 2017
Or even a personal one? Had Claudette Colbert played Margo, as originally planned, the movie would be much more logical. Baxter resembled Colbert, and they both had plummy voices. That would make Eve much more convincing as a threat to Margo.
claudette colbert

Drums Along the Mohawk a Great Movie for Independence Day

Caffeinated Thoughts - 22 Jun 2017
As the Fourth of July approaches, thoughts turn to heat, humidity, burgers, fireworks, and a movie. I'd like to recommend Drums Along the Mohawk, directed by John Ford, and starring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert. I am not going to give you a plot ...

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