Clayton Lockett Was Tasered On The Day Of His Botched Execution -
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Clayton Lockett Was Tasered On The Day Of His Botched Execution

Huffington Post - 30 Apr 2014
Hours before Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett writhed through a bungled execution, prison officials used a stun gun on him and discovered a self-inflicted wound in his arm. Earlier on Tuesday, Lockett, 38, had been obstinate, refusing to eat, cooperate ...
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Arkansas Has An Alternative Lethal Injection? Dead Wrong

American Council on Science and Health - 23 Aug 2017
"Convicted murderer [Clayton] Lockett, however, was not unconscious. He writhed, groaned and convulsed on the table in agony, acid and fire pumping though his body. An excruciating 43 minutes passed, Lockett would scream and twitch, fighting against ...
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Florida exekutiert Mörder mit nicht erprobtem Medikament

RP ONLINE - 25 Aug 2017
Im April 2014 hatte der qualvolle Tod eines verurteilten Mörders bei einer Hinrichtung im Bundesstaat Oklahoma weltweit für Entsetzen gesorgt: Der Todeskampf von Clayton Lockett hatte nach einer Giftinjektion mit Midazolam 43 Minuten gedauert.
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Appeals court rules Lockett execution was not cruel and inhumane

Tulsa World - 16 Nov 2016
“Apparently, plaintiff claims that Mr. Lockett had a right to communicate with his counsel as he lay on the gurney in the execution chamber, so that he could potentially commence litigation about whatever aspect of the execution process arguably ...
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The Cruel and Unusual Execution of Clayton Lockett

The Atlantic - 14 May 2015
On the morning of his execution, Clayton Lockett hid under the covers. Before a team of correctional officers came to get him at 5:06 a.m., he fashioned a noose out of his sheets. He pulled the blade out of a safety razor and made half-inch-long cuts ...
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Arkansas Is About to Repeat My State's Gruesome Mistakes

ACLU (blog) - 14 Apr 2017
Almost three years ago, Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner were scheduled for execution in Oklahoma on the same night. You might remember that it didn't go well. Of the two, only Lockett was killed that evening, and the manner of his death — the ...
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Henrettelse tog to timer - derfor afprøver USA nye giftstoffer

TV 2 - 26 Aug 2017
En af de sager, der skabte debat, handlede om morderen Clayton Lockett. Om aftenen den 29. april 2014 i staten Oklahoma blev han først indsprøjtet med midazolam og derefter pancuronium-bromid og kaliumklorid. Ti minutter efter det hele var begyndt, ...
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Hutchinson's Pinto moment

Arkansas Times - 06 Apr 2017
In April that year, Oklahoma injected midazolam into Clayton Lockett. Three minutes after the prison declared Lockett unconscious, and after they administered the drugs that cause excruciating pain, Lockett breathed heavily, clenched his teeth and ...
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Clayton Lockett: A just execution, regardless

Los Angeles Times - 06 May 2014
One of them, Stephanie Neiman, refused to say she wouldn't tell the police, so Lockett shot her with a shotgun. But she didn't die. He ordered his accomplices to bury her alive. Here's an AP summary of his crimes, in addition to first-degree murder ...
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The Legal Battle Over Arkansas' Execution Plans

New York Times - 15 Apr 2017
In April 2014 in Oklahoma, the inmate Clayton Lockett was awake and writhed in pain during the administration of the lethal drugs, even though earlier a doctor had announced that Mr. Lockett was unconscious. The state canceled a second execution ...

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