Clayton Lockett Was Tasered On The Day Of His Botched Execution -
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Clayton Lockett Was Tasered On The Day Of His Botched Execution

Huffington Post - 30 Apr 2014
Hours before Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett writhed through a bungled execution, prison officials used a stun gun on him and discovered a self-inflicted wound in his arm. Earlier on Tuesday, Lockett, 38, had been obstinate, refusing to eat, cooperate ...
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Oklahoma Plans To Resume Executions With Nitrogen Gas

KOSU - 18 Mar 2018
Quinton Chandler / StateImpact Oklahoma. Oklahoma wants to start executing prisoners again and officials want to use nitrogen gas. Oklahoma would be the first state to use nitrogen for an execution. The state ordered a moratorium on executions in ...
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Local authorities react to proposed death penalty method

KTUL - 15 Mar 2018
The Attorney General reports it has been difficult to find the right drugs to administer lethal injections, after the disastrous execution of Clayton Lockett in 2014. But the possibility of using the gas is raising questions for the Tulsa Chief Public ...
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Scary news for death-row inmates

Gatton Star - 15 Mar 2018
Oklahoma turned to nitrogen gas after months of unsuccessfully searching for lethal injection drugs. They were forced to do so after a Supreme Court ruled the drugs used to execute Lockett were no longer legal. Oklahoma Corrections Director Joe ...
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Oklahoma executions could resume by end of year, with nitrogen gas - 14 Mar 2018
The Legislature approved the method in 2015 a year after murderer Clayton Lockett writhed, grimaced and mumbled during an execution that lasted 43 minutes. A state multicounty grand jury in 2016 recommend Oklahoma go to nitrogen gas after investigating ...
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One of life's incongruities

Southern Cross - 15 Mar 2018
Experts say the experience is probably akin to being burned alive from the inside out; in one Oklahoma execution, inmate Clayton Lockett contorted in pain for nearly an hour before he died.” Some may argue that the suffering and horror the convicted ...
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Life and Death Row: How the lethal injection kills

BBC Three (satire) (blog) - 05 Mar 2018
Vein failure was cited as the reason behind the 'botched' execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma in 2014, which reportedly took 43 minutes as Lockett 'thrashed on the gurney, writhing and groaning'. Midazolam is the first of thre...
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The Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Doyle Lee Hamm

The Nation. - 02 Mar 2018
Hamm's botched execution is the latest in an expanding list of execution attempts gone horribly wrong (think Clayton Lockett and Joseph Wood, both in 2014, along with many others). But the likely reason for the failure adds a disturbing twist to the ...
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The Cruelty of Executing the Sick and Elderly

New Republic - 27 Feb 2018
A misapplied injection can have horrific consequences, as shown by Oklahoma's botched execution of Clayton Lockett in 2014. On the night of his execution last week, the prediction came true. Alabama executioners struggled to find a workable vein for ...
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33 Death Row Prisoners File Suit Over Lethal Injection Protocol

Nashville Scene - 20 Feb 2018
Midazolam has been used in several disastrously "botched" executions, including the execution of Clayton Lockett in 2014. The complaint also argues that, since midazolam is a controlled substance under federal and Tennessee law, its use for a ...
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USA wollen Stickstoff bei Hinrichtungen einsetzen - 15 Mar 2018
Beim Test eines neuen, nicht erprobten Mittels im Jahr 2015 starb der 38-jährige Clayton Lockett nach einem 43-minütigen grausamen Todeskampf an einem Herzinfarkt. (Bild: AP). Bild: AP. Staatsanwalt: „Verwendung von Stickstoff ist effektiv“ Auch die ...
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Oklahoma to be the first US state to use nitrogen for executions.

Brinkwire (press release) - 17 Mar 2018
Oklahoma officials have said they plan to use nitrogen to execute inmates once the state resumes the death penalty. The move marks the first time a U.S. state would use the gas to carry out capital punishment. Oklahoma has been trying unsuccessfully ...
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The Barbarism of Alabama's Botched Execution

The New York Review of Books - 13 Mar 2018
In other states that have suffered botched executions—in Oklahoma, after the 2014 debacle involving Clayton Lockett, and in Florida in 2006 after the Angel Nieves Díaz horror—the state leadership called a moratorium on lethal injection and empaneled ...
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Botched execution left Alabama inmate bleeding from his groin

ThinkProgress - 06 Mar 2018
Other death row inmates have met even more gruesome ends: in 2014, Clayton Lockett, who was convicted in 2000 for the brutal assault and murder of 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman, died of a massive heart attack, 40 minutes into his scheduled execution ...
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Oklahoma reemplazará con gas la inyección letal

Excélsior - 15 Mar 2018
Oklahoma planea reanudar las ejecuciones mediante el uso de nitrógeno u otro gas para privar de oxígeno a un recluso. Lo anterior, porque no puede obtener los medicamentos necesarios para las inyecciones letales, aseguraron este miércoles funcionarios ...
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SUA vrea să experimenteze o altfel de EXECUŢIE: Gazarea cu nitrogen

Evenimentul Zilei - 15 Mar 2018
Execuţiile în acest stat au fost suspendate după execuţia eşuată a lui Clayton Lockett la 29 aprilie 2014. Reamintim că execuţia lui Clayton Lockett a provocat un val de proteste ajungând până la Casa Alba, unde preşedintele Barack Obama a calificat ...

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