Clayton Lockett Was Tasered On The Day Of His Botched Execution -
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Clayton Lockett Was Tasered On The Day Of His Botched Execution

Huffington Post - 30 Apr 2014
Hours before Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett writhed through a bungled execution, prison officials used a stun gun on him and discovered a self-inflicted wound in his arm. Earlier on Tuesday, Lockett, 38, had been obstinate, refusing to eat, cooperate ...
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Clayton: NFL's new kickoff rules are a positive for the Seahawks - 23 May 2018
Lockett, who has been to one Pro Bowl as a returner, has averaged 25.9 yards a kickoff return in his career. He's averaged 31 returns per year and has had two returns for touchdowns in three years. Thanks to Lockett, the Seahawks were the third-best ...
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High Court to Weigh Gas Execution for Killer With Blood Disorder

Courthouse News Service - 30 Apr 2018
Oklahoma and Mississippi both voted to authorize nitrogen gas as a backup execution method after the botched execution in Oklahoma of Clayton Lockett. Lockett's vein collapsed while the lethal drugs were being administered, and he eventually died of a ...
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Clayton: First impressions from Seahawks rookie minicamp - 07 May 2018
The three-day Seahawks minicamp had a few surprises and left me with some interesting impressions of the 2018 draft class. O'Neil: Takeaways from Seahawks' rookie minicamp. Changes in the coaching staff were noticeable. Brian Schottenheimer is the ...
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The Cruel and Unusual Execution of Clayton Lockett

The Atlantic - 14 May 2015
On the morning of his execution, Clayton Lockett hid under the covers. Before a team of correctional officers came to get him at 5:06 a.m., he fashioned a noose out of his sheets. He pulled the blade out of a safety razor and made half-inch-long cuts ...
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Commission Calls for Extending Oklahoma Execution Moratorium - 25 Apr 2017
The volunteer panel also called for procedures around lethal injections to be beefed up in the wake of a string of errors including the botched 2014 execution of Clayton Lockett, who regained consciousness mid-execution, and the execution of Charles ...
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What it was like watching the botched Oklahoma execution

Washington Post - 02 May 2014
A dozen people filed into a small room on Tuesday evening to watch Clayton Lockett die. They were media witnesses selected from a lottery, a dozen people chosen to observe the moment because there were only a dozen spots available and more than 12 ...
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New documents reveal botched Oklahoma execution details

CNN - 16 Mar 2015
Washington (CNN) Death row prisoner Clayton Lockett, who ultimately died after Oklahoma officials botched his execution in 2014, played a role in helping his execution team try to find a viable vein, according to new documents released last week.
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Death penalty system flawed, its existence more so

The Badger Herald - 10 Nov 2017
In April 2014, in its pursuit of justice, the State of Oklahoma tortured Clayton Lockett to death. The State's ham-fisted efforts to kill Lockett culminated in a gruesome and bloody ordeal which lasted more than an hour and only ended when Lockett ...
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IV Misplaced in Oklahoma Execution, Report Says

New York Times - 04 Sep 2014
Mary Fallin after the prolonged writhing and gasping of the prisoner, Clayton D. Lockett, during an execution that drew global attention to death penalty procedures and problems associated with lethal injections. Because the groin area was covered with ...
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The Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Doyle Lee Hamm

The Nation. - 02 Mar 2018
Hamm's botched execution is the latest in an expanding list of execution attempts gone horribly wrong (think Clayton Lockett and Joseph Wood, both in 2014, along with many others). But the likely reason for the failure adds a disturbing twist to the ...

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