Clifford Charles "Cliff" Arquette (December 27, 1905 – Septembe... -
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Cliff Arquette's Alter Ego - 23 Sep 2014
The name Cliff Arquette may not immediately ring any bells, but those of a certain (older) age will recognize Charley Weaver, the persona he donned for stage and television appearances. Arquette, who died 40 years ago this week, was a comedian who ...
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Marty Allen celebrates 95 years of laughter at the South Point

Las Vegas Sun - 22 Mar 2017
“I loved being on Hollywood Squares the most, with my pals Paul Lynde and Charlie Weaver (Cliff Arquette) and Rose Marie,” Allen says. “We were professionals, the ones that could do our own jokes. We didn't have to rely on writers writing for us and I ...
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'Permanent,' with Patricia Arquette, screens at Boedecker in Boulder

Boulder Daily Camera - 22 Dec 2017
Set in 1982, the film stars Kira McLean as Aurelie Dickson, a 13-year-old transplant to a small Virginia town who endures the fallout of a failed hairdo in the face of her middle-school peers who, as the saying predicts, can be unthinkably cruel. Along ...
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Patricia Arquette on her role of a lifetime

CBS News - 01 Feb 2015
Arquette comes from a long line of actors who know what it takes to put food on the table. Her great-grandparents were in vaudeville, and her grandfather, Cliff, was a comedy star on the small screen. Grandpa Cliff Arquette's character, Charlie Weaver ...
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Alexis Arquette, Transgender Actress and Activist, Dies at 47

TheWrap - 11 Sep 2016
Alexis Arquette, a transgender actress and activist most noted for her work in “The Wedding Singer,” died on Sunday at age 47. “Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this ...
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Defunct Civil War museum selling treasures

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 17 Nov 2014
“Charley Weaver,” an elderly rural character that actor Cliff Arquette created, appeared on many television shows through the mid-1970s. Mr. Arquette also was a wood carver, and 35 of his works, which had been on display at the museum, are for sale ...
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Random House Signs Oscar Winner Patricia Arquette For Memoir - 01 Apr 2015
A fourth generation actor, Arquette is the great-granddaughter of vaudeville performers and granddaughter of the late comedian Cliff Arquette, best known for his character Charley Weaver, a character he created and played on the Dennis Day Show and The ...
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Alexis Arquette, actor and transgender campaigner – obituary - 18 Sep 2016
She was born Robert Arquette, the fourth child of the character actor Lewis Arquette who was best known for playing J D Pickett in The Waltons (1978-81), and Mardiningsih Olivia Nowak (whose acting name was Brenda Denaut) in Los Angeles. Her ...
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UPI Almanac for Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016 - 27 Dec 2016
They include German astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1571; English engineer George Cayley, father of the science of aerodynamics, in 1773; French bacteriologist Louis Pasteur in 1822; actors Sydney Greenstreet in 1879, Marlene Dietrich in 1901 and Cliff ...
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David Arquette puts new spin on 'Sherlock Holmes'

Chicago Tribune - 18 Nov 2015
Arquette's father was, of course, the late, Chicago-born Lewis Arquette, who spent his formative years working at Second City and studying improv with Paul Sills. It's a three-generation acting lineage (his grandfather was Cliff Arquette) that David ...
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Gettysburg museum's contents go to auction

Baltimore Sun - 22 Nov 2014
Felty didn't estimate of the total value the museum's collection would bring at auction. "I really haven't put any kind of number on it. … Anything would be good," he said. The auction continues Saturday at 9 a.m. at the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg, 516 ...
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Jewish trivia question: Patricia Arquette

San Diego Jewish World - 27 Feb 2015
A. Her paternal grandfather Cliff Arquette (also known as Charley Weaver) was Christian, her father was Muslim, and her mother was Jewish. She and her four siblings (all actors) were raised with no religion. She is the only one who now considers ...
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Patricia Arquette interview: on Boyhood, Nicolas Cage and growing up - 06 Jul 2014
Patricia, “the classic middle child, the mother hen”, was brought up to question authority, to believe that anything was possible, even religious harmony: her father was Muslim, her mother Jewish, and she was sent to a Catholic school. She was harshly ...
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Rosanna, Patricia, Alexis and David Arquette - 29 Jan 2015
The grandchildren of Cliff Arquette (who played folksy comedian Charley Weaver on TV shows including “Hollywood Squares”) and children of Lewis Arquette (who co-starred on TV's “The Waltons”), the Arquette siblings have been Hollywood hipsters for 30 ...
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12 Women Who Say Sexual Harassment Cost Them Their Careers

Money Magazine - 15 Nov 2017
The list of powerful men accused of wielding their influence to abuse, harass, and rape women keeps growing. After the dust settles, many of the alleged abusers, like comedian Louis C.K. and Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein, will face irreparable ...

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