Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy apologizes for race remarks -
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Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy apologizes for race remarks

Los Angeles Times - 24 Apr 2014
Militant Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy on Friday apologized for his comments published this week on African Americans and slavery but refused to back off from his intended point that the federal government was too powerful, saying that his remarks came ...
cliven bundy

A Culture of Violent White Guys

New Republic - 29 Mar 2018
The Oathkeepers also provided support for the 2014 Bundy standoff, where Cliven Bundy and other armed militants successfully protested Bundy's claimed right to illegally let his cattle graze on federal land. Bundy was turned into a virtual folk hero on ...
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In the Battle for the American West, the Cowboys Are Losing

Wall Street Journal - 30 Mar 2018
As frustrations peaked, in extreme instances, some cowboys have taken up arms against the government for what they say are overly restrictive policies. Ranchers took over a National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in 2016; before that, Nevada rancher Cliven ...
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Romney faces tough GOP crowd in Utah bid for US Senate seat

WTRF - 20 Apr 2018
She especially likes his strong support for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, whose 2014 armed standoff with federal agents over grazing fees made him a key figure in the debate over control of public lands. Others in the crowded field include state Rep ...
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This Patch of Heaven emerges as anti-government hotbed

E&E News - 20 Apr 2018
No data were available on the "Constitutional Water Rights Freedom Rally," promoted by Ryan Bundy's gubernatorial campaign. Bundy and members of his family, including Cliven Bundy, came to prominence during their 2014 standoff with Bureau of Land ...
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Far Cry 5 Review: Finally, a Video Game for Cowards

GQ Magazine - 02 Apr 2018
Just prior to the game's start, his cult has become hostile, abducting locals and brainwashing them with a drug called Bliss, closing off Hope County in a Cliven Bundy-esque standoff with the rest of the state. The game begins with your mission to ...
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Acquitted, convicted, fined or free: after the Oregon standoff

High Country News - 12 Apr 2018
The 26-person indictment came after Ammon and Ryan Bundy, sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, led a group of people to take over U.S. Fish and Wildlife buildings at the refuge near Burns, Oregon, demanding the lands be handed over to local control ...
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The Renegade Sheriffs

The New Yorker - 23 Apr 2018
In Nevada, for example, members of the Bundy family have emerged as leaders of a movement to wrest control of public lands from Washington. During an armed standoff on the ranch of the family patriarch, Cliven Bundy, which drew anti-government crowds ...
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Hundreds rally for Second Amendment in Boise - 14 Apr 2018
BOISE - A rally in support of the Second Amendment brought a few hundred people to the steps of the Idaho State Capitol Saturday. Rallies in support of gun rights were planned for every state capital -- held simultaneously across time zones. The Boise ...
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NH Roll Call: Week ending March 30

Foster's Daily Democrat - 30 Mar 2018
The State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted 9 to 8 recommending passage, with an amendment. The committee reported, “The majority feels that the federal government overstepped their power with the Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy on the ...
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Recently freed rancher Cliven Bundy sues Nevada, Clark County

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 27 Jan 2018
Lifelong Southern Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, recently cleared of federal charges and freed from jail after nearly two years, has turned his sights on state and county government. In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Clark County District Court, Bundy ...

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