How were the polls so wrong? -
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How were the polls so wrong?

CNN - 09 Nov 2016
(CNN) Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang, two professors at Princeton who co-host a podcast on "Politics and Polls," exchanged emails early Wednesday morning, as America witnessed one of the most unexpected outcomes ever in a presidential election with the ...
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It's tough to know how Americans feel about Trump's tariffs

CNN - 15 Jun 2018
No polling has been done on these recent tariffs, as they were announced this morning. But, the public feels very differently when discussing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, especially those that will increase costs for them. All polls done ...
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Trump approval ticking up in new poll

CNN - 07 Jun 2018
In addition to Trump's improving rating, those who say that things in the nation are generally headed in the right direction has moved up since NBC/WSJ's April poll. Now, 36% of registered voters are saying that things in the nation are headed in the ...
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Trump's long history of don't blame me-ism

CNN - 18 Jun 2018
The public is against Trump on immigration, but he maintains support among Republicans, according to a new CNN's poll released Monday. Trump learned in 2016 that immigration is a top issue for Republicans. Getting them to the polls will be key if they ...
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The myth of the all-powerful Trump

CNN - 17 Jun 2018
(CNN) The votes were not even fully counted in the South Carolina First Congressional District primary before the verdict was decided. Congressman Mark Sanford, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, had lost to uber Trump supporter Katie Arrington.
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Trump approval rises in new poll

CNN - 07 Jun 2018
See More. Trump approval rises in new poll. Inside Politics. President Trump's approval rating has moved up to 44% among registered voters, according to a new poll from NBC/WSJ. Source: CNN · CNN Original Series on CNNgo. Watch Full episode on ...
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The 2018 polls are tightening partially due to independents

CNN - 31 May 2018
The generic ballot -- voters are asked which party they'll support as opposed to a specific candidate -- has tightened in the most recent CNN poll, which was released in early May. Forty-three percent of independents in CNN's most recent poll said they ...
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Ted Cruz leads O'Rourke by 11 points in Texas Senate race poll

CNN - 30 May 2018
O'Rourke has the ammunition he needs to elevate his profile: He raised $6.7 million in 2018's first quarter, the most of any Senate candidate, and has become a small-dollar Democratic fundraising star. The poll found Cruz winning white voters, 62% to ...
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Trump is winning his effort to demonize Mueller

CNN - 29 May 2018
As CNN's director of polling Jennifer Agiesta wrote this month, Republicans are souring on the investigation. Here's how she wrote about the shift in approval for the Mueller investigation after that CNN poll: Overall, 44% approve of the way Mueller is ...

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