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'Coco' Spirits Across $400M At Global Box Office

Deadline - 13 Dec 2017
I spoke with a movie buff whose opinion I respect and he agreed with you in believing that CoCo was this excellent movie. I suppose that after seeing The Book of Life – as well as the excellent cartoon El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera by the ...

'Coco' Director Writes Moving Tribute After Father's Death

HuffPost - 13 Dec 2017
Pixar's critically acclaimed “Coco” is a powerful exploration of the Day of the Dead holiday and the importance of remembering loved ones who have died. It's a message the film's co-director Lee Unkrich alluded to when he announced his father's death ...

'Coco' Director Says 'No Lessons Learned' From 'Frozen' Short

HuffPost - 12 Dec 2017
Following the initial complaints, critical tweets and unflattering think pieces, we'd spoken with “Coco” co-director and writer Adrian Molina at the end of November. He called the short “a little bit of an experiment” and acknowledged that he'd heard ...

Coco Chanel used Nazi laws against Jewish partners, said film

The Jerusalem Post - 17 Dec 2017
A new film that appeared on French TV earlier this year alleges that the woman behind one of the most famous fragrances of all time collaborated with the Nazis during World War II against her own Jewish partners. It has been almost 50 years since the ...

Why 'Coco' is so much more than your average box office hit

CNN - 09 Dec 2017
But "Coco" has struck a special nerve with Latino audiences, who have been fighting to reclaim the narrative about their culture long before the idea of President Donald Trump even became a possibility. Of course, he certainly hasn't helped. Since the ...

Cookies and Coco with Santa

MyArkLaMiss (press release) (blog) - 18 Dec 2017
Christmas is only eight days away and children got some special visitors from the North Pole. The Downtown West Monroe Revitalization Group put on Cookies and Coco with Santa. "It's amazing, especially being around Christmas [time], Christmas is my ...

Coco Snuck In Three References To The Shining

Cinema Blend - 15 Dec 2017
What would you do if you were stuck on an airplane that was still waiting to take off? Most would probably say they'd be checking and/or responding to social media, and in the case of Pixar legend and co-director of Coco, Lee Unkrich, that's exactly ...

How Pixar's 'Coco' became a huge box-office hit

Washington Post - 26 Nov 2017
OVER THE HOLIDAY weekend, audiences in the rest of North America flocked to theaters to learn what Mexican moviegoers had affirmed more than a month ago: Disney/Pixar's “Coco” is an authentically appealing winner. The animated smash soared to a $71.2 ...

How Pixar Made Sure 'Coco' Was Culturally Conscious

New York Times - 20 Nov 2017
He knew his idea for a new animated film, which eventually became “Coco,” arriving in theaters in the United States on Wednesday, had the same potential for dazzling visuals and emotional catharsis that distinguished “Toy Story 3” and other hits from ...

Review: 'Coco' Brings the Pixar Touch to Death

New York Times - 21 Nov 2017
One of the pleasures of a new Pixar feature is the chance to be amazed by what animation can do. Sometimes you witness a big, bold breakthrough, like the computer-assisted rendering of fur in “Monsters, Inc.,” of water in “Finding Nemo,” or of metal in ...

'Coco' and Mexico's Infatuation With the Afterlife

New York Times - 11 Dec 2017
“Our relationship with death is intimate,” Octavio Paz, Mexico's most celebrated 20th-century poet, wrote about his country in the classic book “The Labyrinth of Solitude.” “More intimate, perhaps, than any other people.” Death is everywhere in Mexico ...

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