Multilingual Coke Commercial Sparks Debate -
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Multilingual Coke Commercial Sparks Debate

Voice of America - 03 Feb 2014
Coke's ad features the song “America the Beautiful,” which is often considered the second national anthem, sung in several different languages by a multiethnic cast of singers. The song was sung in English, Tagalog, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Keres and ...
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Coke Tweets Pittsburghers Using Map Of Philadelphia

CBS Pittsburgh / KDKA - 19 Jun 2017
This summer we are exploring innovative, adaptive technologies to serve up personalized content to our fans when the weather heats up, and remind them there's nothing better than sharing an ice-cold Coke. In this case, our map accidentally missed the ...
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Coke Kicks Off the Summer With a Cute Beachside Romance

Creativity - 30 May 2017
As U.S. summer gets going after Memorial Day, Coca-Cola is promoting itself as the beverage of choice for beach and pool-side flirting with a series of cute romantic spots. A 60- and 30-second spot, "Break the Ice" kicked off in cinemas and on TV over ...
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Twitter lambastes Coca-Cola for confusing Philly and Pittsburgh - 19 Jun 2017
It's hard being a soda company these days. Pepsi failed miserably trying to make a commercial that fused themes of social justice, celebrity, unity and refreshment. Then they came up with Pepsi Fire and people were even less enthused. Now you've got ...
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Mahira Khan, Maya Ali and other stars join forces for Edhi

The News International - 23 May 2017
A case in point is the new Coke commercial which stars Mahira Khan, Maya Ali, Mikaal Zulfiqar and veteran actor Nadeem Baig, as they take the legacy of Abdul Sattar Edhi forward. Philanthropist and humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi, the man behind the ...
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Making ice cubes even cooler with custom logos

ISRAEL21c - 22 Jun 2017
You won't see Coca-Cola logo ice cubes in your cup of Coke so soon, however. Producing the cubes requires the combination of two entirely new technologies to be integrated with commercial ice-making machines: a “dry harvesting” technology and an ...
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Patricia J. Williams — The American Dream - 16 Jun 2017
So it's almost like a Coke commercial that we are the world or we can cure world hunger. And if we say it, it will become so. And I say this only two days after the 2008 presidential election, in which when I went to vote there were lines around the ...
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What's That Song From the New Coke Commercial?

PigeonsAndPlanes - 23 May 2017
The commercial: The new Coke commercial is called "Guess My Name" and runs internationally throughout summer 2017. The song: The feel-good track is by Virginia duo Sunny & Gabe and it's called "Vacay." Gabe, the producer of the duo, explains:.
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Coke's 'America Is Beautiful' Super Bowl commercial earns raves - 06 Feb 2017
Coca-Cola's Super Bowl commercial captures all that is beautiful about America — including its diversity. The minute-long ad, which originally aired in 2014, shows different American landscapes and people of all ages and ethnicities as “America The ...
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Shayne Looper: The spiritual myopia pandemic

Daily Commercial - 20 Jun 2017
With their coke bottle lenses, they were almost too heavy to wear. The myopia continued to worsen and, when the optometrist added astigmatism correction to my prescription, contact lenses were no longer an option. My vision is bad enough now that ...
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City pores over more designs for mammoth Bottleworks project on Mass Ave

Indianapolis Business Journal (blog) - 22 Jun 2017
The $260 million development, proposed by Hendricks Commercial Properties, would feature a 136-room West Elm hotel, an eight-screen cinema, office and retail space, and apartments and condominiums. Hendricks is presenting its plans for review in four ...

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