Colin Rand Kaepernick (/ˈkæpərnɪk/ KAP-ər-nik;[1] born ... -
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Kaepernick Colin

The Source - 19 Nov 2018
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is well respected around the NFL. Kraft believes there is room in the league For Colin Kaepernick.
colin kaepernick

Source: Colin Kaepernick wants to play

NBC Sports - 18 Nov 2018
With Washington now needing a backup quarterback and considering the likes of EJ Manuel, T.J. Yates, and Mark Sanchez, some are wondering why Colin ...
colin kaepernick

A lame duck slam dunk

GreenBiz - 13 Dec 2018
A month after Election Day and weeks to go before the new Congress is sworn in, the midterms are all over — except the shouting. That, it seems, is ...
colin kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick Is Not Going Away

The New York Times - 31 Aug 2018
Despite a ruling from the arbitrator allowing the case to continue, the N.F.L. is not inclined to settle. Neither is Kaepernick.
colin kaepernick

Nate Boyer speaks out on Colin Kaepernick

USA TODAY - 07 Sep 2018
Before former Seahawks and University of Texas long snapper Nate Boyer began playing football, he served six years in the United States Army. A former Green ...
colin kaepernick

'Modern fame is redefining talent'

wknd. - 13 Dec 2018
Author and celebrity branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev on translating Kim Kardashian's marketing tactics into disruptive but authentic business strategi...
colin kaepernick

The 25 Best Ads of 2018

Adweek - 13 Dec 2018
It's that time. We're looking back at the best ads of 2018, a year when marketing truly ran the full spectrum, from silly and sarcastic to weighty and wonderful.

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