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Homer Lusk Collyer (November 6, 1881 – March 21, 1947) and L...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
Homer Lusk Collyer (November 6, 1881 – March 21, 1947) and Langley Wakeman Collyer (October 3, 1885 – c. March 9, 1947), known as the Collyer brothers, were two American brothers who became infamous for their bizarre natures and compulsive hoarding. For decades, the two lived in seclusion in their Harlem brownstone at 2078 Fifth Avenue (at the corner of 128th Street) where they obsessively collected books, furniture, musical instruments, and myriad other items, with booby traps set up i
collyer brothers

Caswell boys bring wiffle ball to Wheat City

Westman Journal - 07 Sep 2017
The league's championship tournament, fittingly called the Caswell Wiffleball League World Series, was held last Thursday. The Blue Jays, which includes the Caswell brothers and Drayson Collyer, won the inaugural crown with a 6-5 victory in the ...
collyer brothers

The Magnificent Maclean Brothers

The District Post - 14 Sep 2017
His older brother Charlie, also an ex-Forest pupil, has since gone on to study A Levels at Collyer's. Charlie achieved his A level results this summer and will now go on to study Computer Science at Kings College, Cambridge. He is one of a group of 6 ...
collyer brothers

Hoarders: How firefighters battle 'Collyer conditions'

The Journal News | LoHud.com - 16 Dec 2016
Healy called the situation “Collyer mansion conditions” in interviews after the fire. The term “Collyer mansion conditions is “a pretty well known thing in the fire service,” Healy said. “It comes from the Collyer brothers fire in New York.” THE BLAZE ...
collyer brothers

The scariest Obamacare figure ever we've seen

Motley Fool - 27 Aug 2017
Within the past few weeks, Trump has considered dropping an appeal to a decision District of Columbia Judge Rosemary Collyer made in May 2016. Collyer ruled, based on a lawsuit by the House GOP against former Health and Human Services (HHS) ...
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Read all about famous reclusive hoarders the Collyer Brothers

A.V. Club - 11 Jan 2016
But during the Great Depression, brothers Homer and Langley Collyer became infamous in New York City for secluding themselves in their Harlem brownstone, where they lived until they both died there in 1947. Upon their deaths, they were revealed to have ...
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My Spring Cleaning: Clutter, an Old Bowl, and the Collyer Brothers

Huffington Post - 24 Apr 2015
It's spring cleaning time. I leave off a moment with my bright yellow little vacuum in my kitchen, to reflect how far I've come since a couple of spring cleanings ago. Back then there was no spring cleaning here. No cheerful yellow vacuum. Just an ...
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Your inner hoarder: Why letting go is so hard to do

New Scientist - 27 Apr 2017
After scaling a mountain of junk he discovered the emaciated body of 65-year-old Homer Collyer. More than two weeks later, as the clean-up continued, the corpse of his brother Langley was unearthed some 3 metres from where Homer had died. Amassing ...
collyer brothers

Dear Match Book: Where Can I Find Brotherhood Through Books?

New York Times - 22 Aug 2017
After a long discussion about Biblical brothers, one of the book's protagonists, Adam Trask — uneasily bonded with his own half-brother Charles — spares his twin sons (Caleb and Aron) the names Cain and Abel, but he can't save them from a vexing ...
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Fringe File, #10: The Out-of-Towners Preview

Twin Cities Arts Reader - 31 Jul 2017
A publicity photo for There Ain't No More by Willi Carlisle Productions, an award-winning Fringe show that has been touring and selling out across the country. The final official Minnesota Fringe Preview event takes place at Mixed Blood on Wednesday, ...
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Flashback: The Collyer Brothers, NY's Famous Hoarders

Gothamist - 26 Aug 2010
Brothers Homer and Langley Collyer were not only hoarders, but hermits living together in Harlem (at 2078 Fifth Avenue). The two were found dead in 1947, surrounded by everything from stacks of newspapers to a horse-drawn carriage! According to the NY ...
collyer brothers

A Discussion of EL Doctorow's 'Homer & Langley'

New York Times (blog) - 21 Sep 2015
The Collyer Brothers, American history's best known hoarders and the subject of E.L. Doctorow's 2009 novel, “Homer & Langley,” lived and died surrounded by more than 120 tons of rubbish and memorabilia in a Harlem brownstone at 128th Street and Fifth ...
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Clutter, not fire play havoc with firefighters in UWS blaze

New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV - 22 Feb 2017
This was the kind of fire firefighters refer to as a "Collyer Mansion condition." It's a reference to a 1947 incident in Harlem where two eccentric brothers hoarded more than 100 tons of stuff in their home, where they were found dead, trapped amid all ...

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