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Homer Lusk Collyer (November 6, 1881 – March 21, 1947) and L...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
Homer Lusk Collyer (November 6, 1881 – March 21, 1947) and Langley Wakeman Collyer (October 3, 1885 – c. March 9, 1947), known as the Collyer brothers, were two American brothers who became infamous for their bizarre natures and compulsive hoarding. For decades, the two lived in seclusion in their Harlem brownstone at 2078 Fifth Avenue (at the corner of 128th Street) where they obsessively collected books, furniture, musical instruments, and myriad other items, with booby traps set up i
collyer brothers

What's the Deal With That Guy's Fluffy Hair?

NRToday.com - 17 Dec 2017
It's unlikely that the 19th-century recluse Langley Collyer, one half of the Collyer Brothers, cared what the outside world thought of his wild fringe. Nor did Larry Fine of the Three Stooges, who reportedly got his trademark finger-in-the-socket do ...
collyer brothers

What Would Doctorow Do?

Boston Review - 13 Dec 2017
In that novel, Doctorow had extended the natural lifespan of the Collyer brothers, those infamous pack-rats and shut-ins who filled their vast Manhattan townhouse with mountains of accumulated junk, from scrap metal and faded newspapers to pianos and ...
collyer brothers

Hoarders: How firefighters battle 'Collyer conditions'

The Journal News | LoHud.com - 16 Dec 2016
“Floor-to-ceiling” trash and debris made the job Thursday of containing a blaze at 5 Waldron Ave. in Central Nyack very difficult and dangerous for firefighters, chief Mike Healy said. Healy called the situation “Collyer mansion conditions” in ...
collyer brothers

How Becoming A Charity Trustee Can Boost Your Career

MinuteHack (blog) - 11 Dec 2017
For 35-year-old Peter Daniel, a partner at Collyer Bristow LLP, being a charity Trustee provides him with opportunities that he wouldn't get in his regular job. “It adds some variety to what can be, depending on your day job, an otherwise one-track ...
collyer brothers

Shining a light on hoarding

Plumas County Newspapers - 04 Nov 2017
Patrick Arbore briefly discussed the home of two brothers. Harlem Homer Lusk Collyer and Langley Wakeman Collyer died within just weeks of one another in 1947. It was up to the city of Harlem, New York, to clean up their brownstone at the corner of ...
collyer brothers

The hoarder's anguish and inability to discard things

The Straits Times - 27 Oct 2017
The Collyer brothers and their stupendous hoarding have since become the perennial classic case study in the annals of compulsive hoarding. The scholarly and scientific work in the last two decades has been pivotal in establishing hoarding as a ...
collyer brothers

Browser Tab Clutter Is The New Hoarding

JSTOR Daily - 11 Jul 2017
With a front-page headline heralding “Homer Collyer, Harlem Recluse, Found Dead at 70,” the New York Times reported on 22 March 1947, that “the circumstances surrounding the death of 70-year-old Homer, blind as the poet he was named for, were as ...
collyer brothers

Collyer Brothers Park

Atlas Obscura - 23 May 2013
Homer Lusk Collyer was born in New York City in 1881, with his brother Langley born three years later. Their father, Herman, was a successful Manhattan gynecologist and their mother, Susie, was a former opera singer. Both brothers attended Columbia ...
collyer brothers

Dear Match Book: Where Can I Find Brotherhood Through Books?

New York Times - 22 Aug 2017
E. L. Doctorow based the main characters in his compassionate, deeply sensory novel “Homer & Langley” on the real-life reclusive, hoarding Collyer brothers, who died amid their suffocating piles of detritus in a brownstone in Harlem in 1947. But ...
collyer brothers

Strange Things Found in Hoarders' Houses

BBC News - 06 Oct 2017
He'd been lying there for 20 years. The smell of decay from waste food masked his smell. Tragically, corpses found in hoarders' homes are not uncommon occurrences. One of the earliest recorded instance is the Collyer brothers, Homer and Langley, who ...
collyer brothers

Hoarding brothers walled themselves off for 40 years

The Desert Sun - 26 May 2016
In 1909, a year after Freud announced his theory, two wealthy brothers – Homer and Langley Collyer – moved into a three-story brownstone at Fifth Avenue and 128th Street in Harlem, where they would soon develop a reputation as New York's most renowned ...
collyer brothers

Fringe File, #10: The Out-of-Towners Preview

Twin Cities Arts Reader - 31 Jul 2017
A publicity photo for There Ain't No More by Willi Carlisle Productions, an award-winning Fringe show that has been touring and selling out across the country. The final official Minnesota Fringe Preview event takes place at Mixed Blood on Wednesday ...

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