Apparently This Matters: Colonel Meow is dead -
colonel meow

Apparently This Matters: Colonel Meow is dead

CNN - 30 Jan 2014
We regretfully announce that at some terrible hour on Wednesday - Colonel Meow Time - Colonel Meow, dear leader, feline overlord, and supreme dictator of the Colonel Meow Empire, merged with the infinite. To mark this occasion of feline loss, we ask ...
colonel meow

Cat sets new world record for longest fur

Mother Nature Network - 03 Nov 2014
With fur measuring more than 10 inches long, Sophie now holds the world record for longest fur on a cat, a title that previously belonged to Colonel Meow.
colonel meow

The 22 Best Types Of Cats, Ranked

Huffington Post - 26 Aug 2014
Would the Internet even be worth checking if not for adorable feline videos? It's unclear. So as an ode to the Internet's MVP, we have scientifically com...
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8 reasons why doggos rule and cats drool

Softonic EN - 07 Mar 2018
If you're a cat person, look away. Things are about to get ugly. The internet used to be a treasure trove of cat memes and feline fun, but it's dogs' turn now.
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The 9 Hottest Power Cats of Instagram

Daily Beast - 02 Aug 2013
With great power comes great responsibility, something these felines know all too well.Here, The Daily Beast selects nine of the hottest power cat Instagram ...
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It's Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas

Huffington Post - 11 Dec 2013
Since this music video stars some of our favorite internet cats, including Grumpy Cat herself, we'll forgive it for ultimately being an ad. The song is c...
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Meet the cats that rule Facebook

Mother Nature Network - 02 Mar 2015
It's an undisputed fact that cats rule the Internet, but when it comes to famous felines, they don't wield equal power across social media. Maru, the master of ...
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Meet the Hot Owners of Internet-Famous Pets

Papermag - 23 May 2016
For the month of May, PAPERMAG is celebrating the wide, wonderful, strange world of social media. We'll be highlighting a few of our favorite, follow-worthy folk, ...
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Meoww! Meet 9 Most Famous Internet Cats

Tech Times - 27 May 2015
From Nyan Cat to Grumpy Cat, do you know these 9 famous internet cats? Cats are said to have nine lives. But these nine famous feline furries will live on ...
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Me-WOW! The Cats That Made Our Year

People Magazine - 21 Nov 2013
Memes featuring the forever-frowning feline (real name: Tardar Sauce) increasingly brought joy to the Internet this year. And she's just getting started: The sullen ...
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The 12 Cats of Christmas: Wasabi-Chan

Catster - 23 Dec 2013
For “the 12 Cats of Christmas,” each day we pluck one notable furball who has made a huge and lasting impression on our hearts over the last 12 months and ...

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