In politics, a concession is the act of a losing candidate publ... -
concession (politics)

North Korea's Offer of Concessions Comes With a Catch for US

U.S. News & World Report - 20 Sep 2018
And progress on freezing operations at Nyongbyon — which is probably not North Korea's only nuclear production site — remains contingent on the U.S. making concessions of its own, steps that could be politically unpalatable for many in Washington, ...
concession (politics)

On Politics With Lisa Lerer: A Moment for Women

New York Times - 19 Sep 2018
And I was there at the bitter end, when she gave her concession speech, standing among the sobbing aides and an ashen Bill Clinton. If you had told me, on the day of that final speech, that Mrs. Clinton's loss would ignite a national movement of women, ...
concession (politics)

Are You a Nationalist or an Imperialist?

New York Magazine - 21 Sep 2018
Unlike more timid contemporary defenders of nationalism, his goal is to offer not merely a pragmatic case for the nation-state as a concession to human nature but a positive argument for nationalist political philosophy as good in itself. And although ...
concession (politics)

John McCain's 2008 concession speech - 28 Aug 2018
Sen. John McCain ran as the Republican candidate for president in 2008. On Nov. 4, he lost to Barack Obama and gave this concession speech in front of thousands of supporters in Phoenix. C-SPAN.
concession (politics)

Outcry over retirement age plan brings rare Putin concession

Bryan-College Station Eagle - 29 Aug 2018
MOSCOW (AP) — Facing protests and a noticeable dip in his approval ratings, President Vladimir Putin made rare concessions Wednesday to an unpopular pension reform package that increased the retirement age for Russians. The televised address ...
concession (politics)

Is the Korea Denuclearization Process for Real?

RealClearPolitics - 21 Sep 2018
The Rodong Sinmun piece also included this backhanded statement of North Korea's expectation that Trump will offer the key concession Pyongyang wants: "We have not heard him saying that he will not do a declaration of the end of the war." And the ...

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