The Constitution Party is a national political party in the Uni... -
constitution party (united states)

The Constitution Party is a national political party in the Uni...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
The Constitution Party is a national political party in the United States. The idea that the principles and intents of the US Constitution are relevant in human relations was the origin of the 1991 founding. Founding members included 2016 US Presidential candidate Darrell Castle and former US Office of Economic Opportunity Secretary Howard Phillips. The party platform is based on originalist interpretations of the United States Constitution, and shaped by principles it finds set forth in the Declarat
constitution party (united states)

Letter: Constitution Party petitioner lied about intent

Charleston Gazette-Mail - 05 Oct 2018
1, I read with interest your story about the bulk of signatures on Don Blankenship's petition (to run for U.S. senator under the Constitution Party) being Democrats. It made me think of an incident I had on Charleston's Capital Street during FestivALL ...
constitution party (united states)

Nov. 6 election to decide Governor, Attorney General - 11 Oct 2018
Three candidates are the ballot for Attorney General, with Republican incumbent Brad Schimel facing opposition from Democrat Josh Kaul and Constitution Party candidate Terry Larson. The United States Senator race has also received attention. Democratic ...
constitution party (united states)

Abortion Debate in Australia Has a New Element: Women in Power

New York Times - 15 Oct 2018
BRISBANE, Australia — Activists in the Australian state of Queensland have tried for decades to scrap a criminal code from 1899 that makes having an abortion an offense punishable with prison time, and for decades their efforts have failed. But as the ...
constitution party (united states)

2018 Utah Election Information

KUTV 2News - 29 Sep 2018
Citizen of the United States;; At least 18 years old and a resident of Utah for 30 days on the date of the election; and; Registered to vote in Utah. ...
constitution party (united states)

Minority Rule Does Not Have to Be Here Forever

Slate Magazine - 15 Oct 2018
Dismissing arguments for a rethinking of the structure of American democracy, National Review provides the traditional explanation for the Senate and Electoral College: “The design of the Senate recognizes the status of the states as real governing ...
constitution party (united states)

The rigging of American politics

Vox - 16 Oct 2018
Nothing about Kavanaugh's ascension breaks the rules of American government. Donald Trump is the duly elected president of the United States. Republicans hold a majority in the US Senate. Elected officials bear no responsibility to follow public opinion.
constitution party (united states)

US House, 6th District Ohio, candidate: Bill Johnson (R)

Huntington Herald Dispatch - 16 Oct 2018
After serving in the U.S. Air Force, achieving the rank of Lt. Colonel, for over 26 years, and working as a small business owner and CIO of a global manufacturer here in Eastern Ohio, I have proudly served in the U.S. House since being elected in 2010 ...
constitution party (united states)

Mitt Romney: A familiar name hopes to serve Utah, country

Deseret News - 14 Oct 2018
Romney hasn't done anything during his U.S. Senate campaign to change that. He faces Democratic Salt Lake County Council member Jenny Wilson to replace retiring GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch. Constitution Party candidate Tim Aalders, Libertarian Craig R.
constitution party (united states)

Who and What Threaten the Constitution?

American Greatness - 15 Oct 2018
He is certainly trying to “fundamentally transform” the United States in exactly the opposite direction from which Barack Obama promised to do the same sort of massive recalibration. ...
constitution party (united states)

Williams: Miseducation leads many astray - 16 Oct 2018
Regarding miseducation, the founder of the Russian Communist Party, Vladimir Lenin, said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” A large part of Americans' miseducation is the often heard claim that ...
constitution party (united states)

What is the 13th Amendment? A Kanye-inspired history lesson.

Washington Post - 12 Oct 2018
6, 1865, abolished slavery, declaring: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction ...
constitution party (united states)

The People v. the US Senate

The Atlantic - 10 Oct 2018
The Senate is embedded within the Constitution as few other institutions are, with a special clause that some believe makes it immune to the standard amendment process. Adding more diverse states is one solution — Puerto Rico, the District of ...

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