In the United States, the term constitutional carry, also calle... -
constitutional carry

In the United States, the term constitutional carry, also calle...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
In the United States, the term constitutional carry, also called permitless carry, is a neologism for the legal carrying of a handgun, both openly and concealed, without the requirement of a government permit. The phrase does not typically refer to the unrestricted carrying of a long gun, a knife, or other weapons. The scope and applicability of such laws or proposed legislation can vary from state to state.
constitutional carry

Oklahoma Bill Introduced for Constitutional Carry -

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News - 23 Feb 2018
Arizona -( HB 2951 has been introduced in the Oklahoma House. It is an interesting version of Constitutional Carry. The bill adds self-defense to the list of activities that are exceptions to the general prohibition on carrying weapons ...
constitutional carry

Constitutional Carry for Iowa?

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News - 20 Feb 2018
I have a particular interest in Iowa because I was deeply involved in an effort to pass Constitutional Carry there in 2010. Unfortunately, that effort imploded and damaged the local rights movement as various proponents of gun rights got their beams ...
constitutional carry

Constitutional carry passes first test in Colorado Senate - 16 Feb 2018
“The idea behind constitutional carry is that you should be able to carry a concealed handgun without applying for government permission or paying an expensive fee, if you are otherwise legally able to carry a firearm,” said bill sponsor, state Sen ...
constitutional carry

TAKING AIM: Constitutional carry; The pros and cons

Stillwater News Press - 14 Feb 2018
Constitutional carry, aka “permit-less carry,” is somewhat between these extremes, albeit a bit more to the right politically. What it simply means is if you are an adult citizen in good standing you may possess and carry a loaded firearm concealed on ...
constitutional carry

Bill in Iowa Senate would lower penalty for some marijuana offenders

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - 25 Feb 2018
Bill in Iowa Senate would lower penalty for some marijuana offenders. First-time offenders with 5 grams or less could see a 'second chance'. Iowa Senate Judiciary Committee chair Brad Zaun answers reporters' questions about SF2106, the constitutional ...
constitutional carry

With SD permitless carry bills shelved, supporters set sights on 2019

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 23 Feb 2018
Part of the measure would bump up the penalty for carrying a concealed pistol without a permit on a second offense. The offense currently carries a misdemeanor charge. Under the bill it would become a felony. "I wanted to make sure that next year, when ...
constitutional carry

Iowa constitutional carry proposal advances - 12 Feb 2018
The state Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee last week recommended passage of a measure to recognize the Second Amendment as all the concealed carry permit a law-abiding Iowan needs. The committee gave a 2-1 thumbs up to SF 2106, proposed by Republican Sen ...
constitutional carry

Proposals would further expand Iowa gun rights

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - 09 Feb 2018
A person still would be allowed to use a carry permit to acquire a gun. “If you are legally allowed to own and possess firearms today in Iowa, you could legally carry that firearm without additional government interference or restrictions,” said Aaron ...
constitutional carry

Lawmakers: Gun Laws Already Exist

The Missourian - 22 Feb 2018
Carry Law. On Jan. 1, 2017, Missouri became the 11th state in the country to pass Constitutional Carry, which allows residents to carry a concealed firearm without advanced training, law enforcement background checks or a permit. The bill passed after ...
constitutional carry

SC Senate to discuss allowing guns without a permit

WNCN - 30 Jan 2018
SOCASTEE, S.C. (WBTW) – South Carolina senators will talk about a bill that would loosen the requirements for carrying a gun. That bill did not move last year, but it may this year. It was first introduced to the Senate last February and would allow ...
constitutional carry

Concealed Carry Permits

The Missourian - 03 Feb 2018
Concealed carry permits are down in Franklin County, understandably, just as they are statewide. It's due to constitutional carry legislation that went into affect Jan. 1, 2017, that no longer requires a permit to carry a concealed firearm. In 2017 ...
constitutional carry

State Gun Legislation To Be Heard Wednesday In Committee KWTV - 21 Feb 2018
OKLAHOMA CITY -. In the wake of the Florida school shooting and eight threats to metro schools this week, the conversation has turned to gun laws both in Oklahoma and across country. This new bill was officially introduced on Monday, seeming to be a ...
constitutional carry

SD Senate panel backs bill to allow permitless concealed carry

Valley News Live - 30 Jan 2018
Brattlof says constitutional carry allows people to carry ammo and handguns together but they can't be loaded. "We don't necessarily condone just for safety reasons," explained Brattlof. People can still apply for their conceal and carry permit and ...

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