In the United States, the term constitutional carry, also calle... -
constitutional carry

In the United States, the term constitutional carry, also calle...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
In the United States, the term constitutional carry, also called permitless carry, is a neologism for the legal carrying of a handgun, both openly and concealed, without the requirement of a government permit. The phrase does not typically refer to the unrestricted carrying of a long gun, a knife, or other weapons. The scope and applicability of such laws or proposed legislation can vary from state to state.
constitutional carry

Preserving the Second Amendment

The Fayette Tribune - 16 Jun 2018
Our office's tenacity underscores the benefit of having a concealed carry license, even though West Virginia's constitutional carry law allows residents and visitors alike, ages 21 and older, to carry concealed without a permit. Younger West Virginians ...
constitutional carry

GOP rivals back former opponent John Warren in race for governor - 14 Jun 2018
“I sponsored constitutional carry John Warren supports constitutional carry." USC political scientist Bob Oldendick said the stakes are high for both McMaster and Warren in the upcoming runoff. “It's going to be close, it's going to be interesting to ...
constitutional carry

Georgia 2018: Where the candidates for governor stand on the issues

WSB Radio - 23 May 2018
Casey Cagle: Opposes new gun restrictions and said he supports “constitutional carry” - the right to legally carry a weapon openly or concealed without a permit - after initially objecting to it. Won NRA's endorsement after vowing to “kill” a tax break ...
constitutional carry

Your Views Wednesday, May 30 - 30 May 2018
It seems we have legislators on a mission to take this state backward once again no matter what. My concern is with the proposed attempt to override the “constitutional carry” veto. I have no problem with gun ownership, concealed carry or “Make My Day ...
constitutional carry

Ugly GOP runoff looms as Cagle, Kemp attack WXIA - 23 May 2018
Kemp wants to eliminate handgun carry permits; Cagle told 11Alive News last month he wasn't in favor of eliminating permits, but now says he would sign a "constitutional carry" bill. "That's why you need to have a consistent conservative that's not ...
constitutional carry

The NRA Versus the Constitution

Wall Street Journal - 20 May 2018
But for the gun lobby, there's a deeper message. Its top legislative priority lately has been “concealed-carry reciprocity”—but would it be constitutional? Concealed-carry reciprocity would undermine many state laws governing who is allowed to carry a ...
constitutional carry

My 2 Cents: Heroes In Louie's Shooting Had Substantial Training KWTV - 05 Jun 2018
Training is what I talked about a couple of weeks ago as the reason I was opposed to the constitutional carry bill that would have allowed people to carry a firearm without a permit. Governor Mary Fallin ended up vetoing it. I knew when we started ...
constitutional carry

Democratic Candidates For Kansas Governor Debate In Wichita

KCUR - 11 Jun 2018
When the question of concealed carry came up, Kelly said that while she voted for constitutional carry in 2015, that law has now gone too far. Kelly said she has since worked to roll back what she called “loose ends” from the bill by voting to ban guns ...

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