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Fact Check: Corey Stewart, Republicans and the Fringe Right

New York Times - 13 Jun 2018
Corey Stewart, the provocative conservative who won Tuesday's Republican primary to challenge Democratic Senator Tim Kaine in Virginia in November, has spent years courting voters on the rightward fringes of his party, often by playing to anti ...
corey stewart

White Nationalists Love Corey Stewart. He Keeps Them Close.

New York Times - 05 Aug 2018
WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Corey Stewart stands at the end of a long driveway that leads back in time, to his 18th century plantation manor hidden in woods behind a modern housing development. Mr. Stewart, the Republican Senate nominee from Virginia, treats ...
corey stewart

New Poll Suggests Corey Stewart's Senate Campaign Is a Lost Cause

New York Magazine - 11 Aug 2018
The leadership of the Virginia GOP hoped to keep Stewart off the ballot; after his victory in the party's primary, the state's former lieutenant governor Bill Bolling said that he as “extremely disappointed that a candidate like Corey Stewart could win ...
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Corey Stewart Spewed Racist Stereotypes About Football Players

TPM - 17 Aug 2018
In response to CNN's request for comment, Stewart said: “It's unsurprising that while Americans and Donald Trump are working to re-establish the rule of law and rebuild civil society in America, CNN once again flies off the handle and tries to make ...
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Corey Stewart and his race-baiting friends

Washington Post - 02 Aug 2018
COREY A. STEWART, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Virginia, is mortified — simply aghast — that anyone could imagine he shares the racist, white-supremacist views of a lengthy and growing list of his political allies, backers and advisers.
corey stewart

Corey Stewart's Flailing Virginia Campaign

National Review - 13 Aug 2018
Stewart, the Republican nominee challenging incumbent Democratic senator Tim Kaine in Virginia this fall, has come under sustained fire lately as news outlets have uncovered disturbing past comments from his campaign staff and from Stewart himself ...
corey stewart

Al Sharpton and Corey Stewart: Two Race Hustlers

National Review - 14 Aug 2018
Politics Nation host Al Sharpton had on Virginia GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart and proceeded to grill him on his ties to the alt-right. Sharpton asked Stewart if he considered himself “the candidate for white nationalists in the state of Virginia ...

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