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God's own Pop artist

Christie's - 09 Jul 2018
The presiding spirit of this Catholic happening was Sister Mary Corita Kent, a teacher in the art department of the college. Her innovations were a logical extension of the work she was doing within the walls of the convent. There, mostly unnoticed by ...
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John Cage's ten rules for students and teachers

Boing Boing - 05 Aug 2018
John Cage liked to share a list of rules for creativity developed by artist Sister Corita Kent. That list was then typed up and popularized by Cage. They are: Rule 1: Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for awhile. Rule 2: (General Duties ...
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Corita Kent, the pop art nun

The Guardian - 22 Apr 2018
It was a seminal moment in the transformation of Sister Corita Kent from a convent school teacher into the artist who became known as the Pop Art nun. Among the many original, mould-breaking, stand-alone characters the art world has produced, Kent more ...
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Welcome – Conor Nolan At Lucky's (press release) (blog) - 09 Aug 2018
If I had to describe Nolan's work to someone without any images at hand, I'd say it had the whimsy and heart of Quentin Blake, with the graphic and colour sensibilities of Saul Bass and Corita Kent, somehow managing that magic trick of being calming ...
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Centenary celebration of Corita Kent, the Pop Art nun

The Tablet - 26 Apr 2018
The art world has spawned many original individuals, but few are quite as unlikely as Corita Kent, the Pop Art nun. In the 1960s heyday of the movement, Sr Corita, along with Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, was at its cutting edge, producing a ...
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Monterey mural lands at Last Chance Mercantile

Monterey County Herald - 20 Jan 2018
Glen Evett of the Last Chance Mercantile looks at the large mural by artist Mary Corita Kent titled “Monterey Wharf Photo Mural.” Although it was once on display in the Monterey Conference Center, is is now for sale at the Last Chance Mercantile in Marina.
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The Nun Who Became an Unlikely Heroine of Pop Art

AnOther Magazine - 19 Jun 2018
But in the surprising, vibrant art of Sister Corita Kent, currently on show at the Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, the two strands are united to dynamic and colourful effect. Born in 1918, Sister Corita took holy orders at the Sisters of the ...
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Power Up: Corita Kent's Heavenly Pop

ArtfixDaily - 28 Dec 2017
The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, Calif., has announced the February 25 opening of Power Up: Corita Kent's Heavenly Pop. This exhibition of 29 prints chronicles the artist's most productive period during the mid-1960s, when her forceful imagery and ...
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Here's your 2018 museum preview for Sacramento and the Bay Area

Sacramento Bee - 04 Jan 2018
Also on tap will be a celebration of works by outstanding women artists E. Charlton Fortune, Faith Ringgold and Corita Kent, who faced discrimination in their time. A rich menu of enticing shows in the Bay Area includes an exclusive exhibition of rare ...
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​Corita Kent: An overshadowed pop art icon

CBS News - 03 Apr 2016
Its story goes back to 1971, the height of the Vietnam War, when it was designed as an expression of peace by artist Corita Kent. Kent also happened to be a nun. "Corita Kent and the Language of Pop," an exhibit currently on view at the San Antonio ...

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