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cortana (software)

Voice tech gearing up for its next wave

MobiHealthNews - 18 Oct 2018
The first wave — wherein a person asks Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana a question that the software answers — is a reactive information service. And that's a great foundation for the second wave: proactive voice that ...
cortana (software)

Microsoft Cortana Gets A Redesigned App For iOS & Android

Ubergizmo - 16 Oct 2018
iOS has Siri and Android has Google Assistant, so Microsoft's Cortana's existence on either platform does put it in a somewhat weird position, but it is there nonetheless or those who might prefer using Cortana for whatever reason. Now it looks like ...
cortana (software)

Alexa (And Cortana And Siri) Get Ready For The 9-to-5

Forbes - 21 Sep 2018
Because we haven't trained people to use any piece of software in the conversational UI universe. The only reason I feel comfortable as the head of a startup that's putting out a product that's ahead of the [UI] learning curve is that Google and Amazon ...
cortana (software)

Microsoft rinnova Cortana, rilasciata nuova versione beta

Sky Tg24 - 18 Oct 2018
Come dichiarato dal sito WindowsCentral, Microsoft sta lavorando a un redesign della sua applicazione Cortana per iOS e Android. La versione 3.0 dell'app è attualmente disponibile solo per i beta tester. Per poterla usare in anteprima è dunque ...
cortana (software)

Microsoft's Cortana Mistake: Relying on Windows

Wall Street Journal - 14 Aug 2018
When the assistant—named after a character from the Xbox videogame franchise “Halo”—was introduced four years ago, it was only available through the Windows operating system, a strategy that hobbled Cortana as voice computing took off in a new era of ...
cortana (software)

Let Windows 10's Cortana Show Me be your family's tech support

PCWorld - 02 Jul 2018
Most how-to articles on a given subject walk you through a series of steps, perhaps with a video attached. Windows 10's new free help feature, Cortana Show Me, is different: It actually performs basic Windows tasks for you on your PC while you follow ...

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