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Microsoft's Cortana Mistake: Relying on Windows

Wall Street Journal - 14 Aug 2018
When the assistant—named after a character from the Xbox videogame franchise “Halo”—was introduced four years ago, it was only available through the Windows operating system, a strategy that hobbled Cortana as voice computing took off in a new era of ...
cortana (software)

Microsoft and Amazon sync AI voice assistants Alexa, Cortana

TechTarget - 17 Aug 2018
One possible stumbling block is Alexa for Business, which is excluded from the integration with Cortana launched this week. Released by Amazon in late 2017, the platform connects Echo speakers to enterprise messaging and meetings software.
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Alexa, Cortana finally get their conversation going

The Seattle Times - 15 Aug 2018
The idea is to capitalize on each company's strength — Amazon's in consumer technology, and Microsoft's in workplace software. The integration will bring more work-focused functions to Alexa through Cortana and general life capabilities to Cortana.
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How Cortana Helps the Bad Guys Hack Your PC

Laptop Mag - 10 Aug 2018
LAS VEGAS — At least five major security flaws involving Microsoft's Cortana personal-assistant software have been discovered in the past few months, Israeli security researchers told the Black Hat security conference here Wednesday (Aug. 8). Only ...
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Cortana, Alexa now integrated

The Guam Daily Post - 18 Aug 2018
Microsoft's Cortana has a negligible reach through speakers, but is a part of Windows 10 and has deep integration with Office software used at the workplace. The integration is available through Echo devices, Windows 10 devices and Microsoft's Harman ...
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How to protect your privacy in Windows 10

Computerworld - 16 Aug 2018
There's some bad news for those who want to ditch Cortana completely: Back when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released in August 2016, the easy On/Off setting for turning it off was taken away. However, that doesn't mean you can't turn Cortana ...
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How to fix Avira Antivirus Error 500

Windows Report (blog) - 19 Aug 2018
However, some users have stated that Error: 500 error messages pop up within their Avira Antivirus software as shown in the snapshot directly below. Those error ...
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Google Assistant is More Accurate Than Alexa, Siri, and Cortana

Search Engine Journal - 28 Jul 2018
Google Assistant is the most accurate smartphone digital assistant, beating Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Microsoft Cortana. A report released this week from Loup Ventures contains data from a digital assistant test, which measures how well the four ...
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How to uninstall Windows 10 Update Assistant

Windows Report (blog) - 18 Aug 2018
You can uninstall the Win 10 Update Assistant much the same as most software. However, some users have discovered that the Update Assistant has a habit of automatically reinstalling. Thus, you might also need to turn off some scheduled tasks for the ...
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Microsoft demonstrates Alexa and Cortana integration

The Verge - 07 May 2018
Despite falling behind both Google Assistant and Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana will now include access to Amazon's digital assistant. At Microsoft's Build conference today, the software maker demonstrated Cortana running on Alexa and vice versa.
cortana (software)

Machine Learning - Definition and application examples

ETMM Online - 19 Aug 2018
In order to enable the software to independently generate solutions, the prior action of people is necessary. For example, the required algorithms and data must be fed into the systems in advance and the respective analysis rules for the recognition of ...

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