The coup of 18 Brumaire brought General Napoleon Bonaparte to p... -
coup of 18 brumaire

The coup of 18 Brumaire brought General Napoleon Bonaparte to p...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
The coup of 18 Brumaire brought General Napoleon Bonaparte to power as First Consul of France, and, in the view of most historians, ended the French Revolution. This bloodless coup d'état overthrew the Directory, replacing it with the French Consulate. This occurred on 9 November 1799, which was 18 Brumaire, Year VIII under the French Republican Calendar.
coup of 18 brumaire

The Seducer

London Review of Books - 25 Jul 2018
De Gaulle's coup of 13 May 1958 was equated by many, including de Gaulle himself, with Napoleon's 18 Brumaire, and led to intensified misery for huge numbers of people. By encouraging the pieds noirs with his famous words 'je vous ai compris,' the war ...
coup of 18 brumaire

Histoire : connaissez-vous vraiment Napoléon Ier ?

Le Progrès - 15 Aug 2018
Le premier empereur des Français aurait fêté ses 249 ans ce 15 août. Coup d'état, batailles, réformes, exils: si vous souhaitez tester vos connaissances napoléoniennes, ce test est fait pour vous ! Si vous ne pouvez pas lire ce format correctement ...
coup of 18 brumaire

Politics, Polls, Art and Bribery

Bloomberg - 08 Nov 2016
The date gives its name to Napoleon's coup of 18 Brumaire, in which he seized power and ended the French Revolution. It also gives its name to Marx's essay "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon," which famously opens: "Hegel remarks somewhere ...
coup of 18 brumaire

The Petrograd Crime Wave That Helped Create the Soviet Union

The American Conservative - 18 Dec 2017
From March to October, there was an average of 18 murders a month, with October being particularly violent with 53. The revolution also sparked widespread drunkenness, gambling, disease from increased prostitution, and narcotic use beyond traditional ...
coup of 18 brumaire

Macron et sa «société du dix décembre»

Le Club de Mediapart (Blog) - 23 Jul 2018
L'affaire d'Etat que connaît la France dévoile d'un coup tous les déséquilibres que produit le présidentialisme de la V° République. A chaque président ...
coup of 18 brumaire

Napoléon Bonaparte, le Premier Consul

France Inter - 13 Mar 2018
En 1799, après le coup d'état du 18 brumaire, commence un moment rare dans l'histoire de France. Le pouvoir repose entre les mains d'un Premier Consul. Sachant que le temps lui est compté, il travaille d'arrache- pied; il veut faire vite. Une phrase le ...
coup of 18 brumaire

A la Cambacérès

London Review of Books (blog) - 24 Nov 2014
According to some stories Napoleon's coup on 18 Brumaire was plotted over supper at Cambacérès's table. The emperor ate quickly. 'No one will accuse Napoleon of being an indulger in the pleasures of the table,' Cambacérès wrote. 'His morning meal ...
coup of 18 brumaire

Communication: Emmanuel Macron ou le coup d'éclat permanent

Le Figaro - 06 Apr 2018
Le titre de votre livre assimile la prise de pouvoir par Macron à un coup d'État: vous parlez même d'un «18 brumaire en marche». Pourtant, Emmanuel Macron a été élu démocratiquement! Que voulez-vous donc dire par là? Arnaud BENEDETTI.- Les coups ...
coup of 18 brumaire

The Trump Era Dawns

New York Times - 09 Nov 2016
9, is the 18th of Brumaire by the French Revolutionary calendar — the day in 1799 when Napoleon Bonaparte led a coup against the revolutionary government, established himself as First Consul, and set about redirecting world history as few men have ...
coup of 18 brumaire

Châtiments !

France Culture - 13 Jun 2018
Victor Hugo, des barricades à l'exil, de la solitude au nombre vainqueur |Condamnant vigoureusement le coup d'état du 2 décembre 1852 de Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, Victor Hugo écrit Napoléon le petit, Histoire d'un crime et Les Châtiments.
coup of 18 brumaire

Enlightened. Elitist. Undemocratic.

The Nation. - 28 May 2015
Gueniffey quotes him, damningly, from even before the coup of 18 Brumaire: “A Republic of thirty million men!… With our manners, our vices! How is it possible? That is a fancy of which the French are at present full, but it will pass away like all the ...
coup of 18 brumaire

If the Trump Revolution Is Possible, So Is a Progressive One

Foreign Policy In Focus - 06 Dec 2017
Such a sweeping transformation of social conventions was comparable to French revolutionaries creating their own calendar, replacing the names of the months with such peculiarities as Brumaire and Thermidor. Don't be fooled ...

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