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A cover letter, covering letter, motivation letter...

wikipedia - 20 Sep 2016
A cover letter, covering letter, motivation letter, motivational letter or a letter of motivation is a letter of introduction attached to, or accompanying another document such as a résumé or curriculum vitae.
cover letter

The perfect pitch: how to write a successful cover letter

The Guardian - 25 Sep 2017
Cover letters can be the first chance you get to stand out to your potential employer. What makes them so difficult to get right is that there's no clear-cut formula. But there are certainly a few pointers to help you along. Ultimately, the sole point ...
cover letter

5 ways your cover letter can grab a recruiter's attention

Ladders - 11 Oct 2017
Forty-seven percent of those seeking positions said they didn't include “a cover letter with their current or most recent job application,” while just 26% of recruiters said they think cover letters are crucial “in their decision to hire an applicant ...
cover letter

Write the cover letter that gets you noticed

Psuvanguard.com - 03 Oct 2017
Cover letters serve the purpose of introducing yourself using your own narrative voice to someone whose attention you want. In the simplest formulaic approach, you need write only three paragraphs: introduce yourself and your personal connection to the ...
cover letter

The Cover Letter Is Alive and Well. Here's How To Write a Good One.

The Bentley University Newsroom - 03 Oct 2017
As hard as we wish, the reality is that the cover letter is not going away. Although the debate rages on about how many employers take the time to read them – the consensus among career experts is that you should always include one. The key is to keep ...
cover letter

5 Steps to a Better Cover Letter

Motley Fool - 23 Sep 2017
Not every job application asks for a cover letter, but in the cases where you need one, it can be the reason you do (or don't) get an interview. A cover letter is a chance to show personality and humanize yourself to the person doing the hiring, or ...
cover letter

A cover letter that stands out

Palm Beach Post - 12 Oct 2017
Chloe wants to know how to write a cover letter that stands out. Think of a cover letter as the notes on the inside of a book's dust jacket. The notes generate interest, without giving away too much of the plot. A cover letter provides just enough ...
cover letter

FM Imagines: Celebrity Cover Letters

Harvard Crimson - 12 Oct 2017
Students attending the Job Search workshop at the Office of Career Services on February 17, 2011 pick up worksheets with helpful tips about interviews, resumes, and cover letters. Nancy Saunders of the OCS discusses how to navigate the Crimson Careers ...
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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Al-Bawaba - 09 Oct 2017
For example, if your cover letter starts with, 'Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means– Albert Einstein', followed by an assurance that as a person and employee you live by those words, then there are two ...
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8 things recruiters are thinking when they're reading your résumé

Business Insider - 16 Oct 2017
This early screening is generally pretty straightforward on the employer side of the process. Here's a look at what most hiring managers are thinking about as they read through your resume and cover letter, and how they decide whom to invite to interview.
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Billy Penn is hiring: Be a general assignment reporter in Philly

Billy Penn - 18 Oct 2017
We're looking for an experienced, innovative professional to work as a general assignment reporter. This reporter will help maintain the site's tone, tenor and content mix by creating original work that can't be found elsewhere, and keeping tabs on ...
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Are You Brave Enough to Send These Risky Cover Letters?

PayScale Career News (blog) - 02 Oct 2017
You've just found that perfect job opportunity. You're networked your way to a contact person, brushed off your portfolio and polished up your resume. Now, it's time to create the perfect cover letter. You're torn between a desire to come off as ...
cover letter

Corinne Olympios Needs An Assistant: Here Is My Cover Letter

Guestofaguest.com (blog) - 25 Sep 2017
If you follow Corinne Olympios on Instagram (and if you don't, you probably don't deserve WiFi or oxygen for that matter), you know that she's hiring an assistant. And I think I'm the perfect contender for the job. Don't believe me? Check out my cover ...
cover letter

Cover Letters: 3 Types and When to Use Each

Equities.com - 19 Sep 2017
Cover letters are very hard to write and many candidates craft one and use it over and over. Like resumes, cover letters should be personalized as much as possible and you must use the right format. These letters differ if you are prospecting, applying ...
cover letter

4 Ways to Ensure an Effective Cover Letter

Business 2 Community - 19 Sep 2017
Do recruiters and hiring managers actually read cover letters? Our resume writing professionals get this question all the time, and the short answer is yes, they absolutely do. A cover letter, when done right, provides a quick, concise window into the ...

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