Crazy Eddie was a consumer electronics chain in the Northeaster... -
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Crazy Eddie was a consumer electronics chain in the Northeaster...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Crazy Eddie was a consumer electronics chain in the Northeastern United States- previously called ERS Electronics (ERS stood for Eddie, Rose and Sam, the latter two of whom were Eddie’s parents). It was started in 1971 in Brooklyn, New York, by businessmen Eddie and Sam M. Antar. The chain rose to prominence throughout the Tri-State Region as much for its prices as for its memorable radio and television commercials, featuring a frenetic, "crazy" character played by radio DJ Jerry Carroll (who copied
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US Ambassador to Hungary: Who Is David Cornstein?

AllGov - 04 Mar 2018
One expansion that didn't work was the attempt to put fine jewelry counters in Crazy Eddie appliance stores in the New York area. Cornstein resigned from Finlay in January 1999. Cornstein's interests weren't confined to the jewelry business. In 1991 ...
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Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time

Toledo Blade - 18 Feb 2018
You could buy a used car that looked beautiful on Crazy Eddie's lot but died the next day in your driveway. You could tell your boss how stupid you consider his plan to install a uni-sex bathroom for the whole office. You could totally screw up deep ...
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Van Morrison Preps New LP 'You're Driving Me Crazy' - 07 Mar 2018
You're Driving Me Crazy will be available in single-CD and two-LP formats. The vocalist will issue a limited-edition seven-inch single featuring "Close Enough for Jazz" backed with a cover of Guitar Slim's "The Things I Used to Do" for Record Store Day ...
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The Path, 'The Strongest Souls': Secrets and Lies

Oohlo - 09 Mar 2018
Eddie rushes over, as Sarah explains it's from Lilith, and encourages Eddie to consider leaving the movement like she did. In a moment I found hilarious and yet, telling, she assures him not to be afraid to leave. I know she's sort of a crazy lady now ...
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Fitness coach reveals crazy cost of feeding world's strongest man

New Zealand Herald - 26 Feb 2018
Shaw, who finished third in last year's World's Strongest Man competition behind England's Eddie Hall and Bjornsson, recently revealed his freakish 12,000 calories-per-day diet that has helped him become one of the biggest physical freaks on the planet ...
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Sweet Espresso in Mentone makes crazy milkshakes

Herald Sun - 12 Mar 2018
Loaded with fairy floss, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn and even lollipops, the decadent drinks are luring curious customers to Sweet Espresso. The cafe opened in a Nepean Highway warehouse near Bunnings earlier this year. Co-owner Evan Li said the ...
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Eddie Hsueh: Santa Barbara's Great Peace Officer

Santa Barbara Independent - 22 Feb 2018
The first thing you notice about Eddie Hsueh is his size: not huge but somewhere between a Coke machine and a refrigerator. Back in the day, Hsueh was a seriously competitive weight lifter. He could bench-press 578 pounds and deadlift 661. It's been a ...
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Little Caesars is set to give free pizza next month

KRIS Corpus Christi News - 17 Mar 2018
Last night, something crazy happened during March Madness. University of Maryland-Baltimore County (#16) beat Virginia (#1) 74 to 54. And because of that win, the pizza restaurant chain, Little Caesars announced they would be giving out a free pizza ...
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Scandals to learn from: Enron, GE, Crazy Eddie

The National - 05 Oct 2017
His jingle was “Crazy Eddie, his prices are insane!” The initial fraud perpetuated by Eddie Antar, the titular Eddie in Crazy Eddie, was basic; mostly the skimming of cash. But that was a fraud on the tax collectors. The fraud on the public, however ...

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