California lawmaker takes unpaid leave amid sexual misconduct probe -
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Births: Jan. 20, 2019 | Births

Yakima Herald-Republic - 20 Jan 2019
Van de Graaf — To Derek and Anita Van de Graaf, Sunnyside, a daughter, Annalia Faye Van de Graaf, 10 pounds, 8 ounces at 5:05 p.m. on Jan. 11, 2019.
cristina garcia

A Capital City, Still Haunted by Its Past

The New York Times - 26 Jan 2018
In “Here in Berlin,” the Cuban-American novelist Cristina García uses a chorus of voices to explore the long, ghostly reach of Germany's history.
cristina garcia

‘Here in Berlin,’ by Cristina García

San Francisco Chronicle - 27 Oct 2017
Cristina García's latest work, “Here in Berlin,” is less a novel than an exhilarating orchestration of competing voices and temporalities. Its premise is simple.
cristina garcia

The 'tampon tax,' explained - The

Washington Post - 08 Jan 2016
The so-called "tampon tax," the issue Cristina Garcia now finds herself championing, isn't one she just stumbled upon; the California assemblywoman said she ...
cristina garcia

El Comandante's Farewell Tour

New York Times - 29 Jun 2013
In Cristina García's novel, an aging Cuban dictator contemplates his legacy, and an exiled adversary dreams of revenge.

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