Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston was the strongest tropical cycl... -
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Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston was the strongest tropical cycl...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston was the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in Fiji and the South Pacific Basin in recorded history. The system was first noted as a tropical disturbance on 7 February 2016, when it was located to the northwest of Port Vila, Vanuatu. Over the next few days, the system gradually developed as it moved southeast, acquiring gale-force winds by 11 February. The following day, it underwent rapid intensification and attained ten-minute maximum sustained
cyclone winston

Dr Luveni: Support Benin and Cabo Verde

Fiji Times - 17 Jul 2018
FIJI'S development path was severely affected by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016 and such natural disasters can wipe away years of development. This was highlighted by Fiji's Speaker of Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni during the High-Level Political ...
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Fijian gov't invests millions of USD for climate action

Xinhua - 04 Jul 2018
"The biggest impacts from cyclone Winston have been felt in the poorest parts of Fiji, where core livelihoods such as fishing and agriculture can take several years to recover," said Mona Sur, World Bank acting country director for Papua New Guinea, ...
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Coconut rhinocerous beetle numbers increase in Fiji

Radio New Zealand - 12 Jul 2018
A survey in Fiji has found a 30 percent increase in the population of coconut rhinocerous beetles. The agriculture minister, Viam Pillay, said the upsurge was a direct result incurred by the coconut industry after Cyclone Winston in 2016. The ...
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Pacific leaders address climate-induced migration

Fiji Times - 11 Jul 2018
She told the conference that during the Easter weekend, this year, Fiji was hit by devastating and damaging floods caused by Cyclone Josie and Cyclone Keni within two weeks, killing four. Two years earlier, Cyclone Winston recorded as the most ...
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Fiji to develop special economic zone

Xinhua - 26 Jun 2018
He said that after severe tropical cyclone Winston in 2016, the Fijian government realized that apart from tourism, other pillars of growth were needed to boost the Fijian economy. At the moment they are looking at about 40 to 50 acres of land to ...
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CERF results as reported by CERF recipients in 2017

ReliefWeb - 26 Jun 2018
From responses to extreme temperatures in Mongolia to Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji and droughts in Angola, Djibouti and Guatemala, $119 allocated by CERF in 19 countries was instrumental in addressing the humanitarian needs of millions of people ...
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Survey finds increase in coconut rhinoceros beetles

Fiji Times - 12 Jul 2018
He said the upsurge in the pest population was a direct result on the damage incurred by the coconut industry after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016. “Major focused areas of coconut production in Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, Lomaiviti ...
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Thai cave rescue: This is how Australian aid can change the world

ABC News - 11 Jul 2018
Whether it's helping children in Thailand trapped in a cave, helping girls in Cambodia escape sexual exploitation or helping Fijians rebuild health centres after Cyclone Winston, Australian aid helps people in need. The way the world came together to ...
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Coach, politician and agony aunt - 05 Jul 2018
Cyclone Winston visits terrible destruction on the islands. Ryan broods in flashbacks about the fate of Noel, his best friend as a boy, who drifted away from him into a life of crime. He doesn't try to hide his low opinion of his former employers at ...
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How Can You Prepare for a Cyclone When You're Living in a Tent?

Pacific Standard - 10 Nov 2017
Flora was alone in her home above the town of Levuka on Ovalau Isand on the afternoon of February 20th, 2016, when Cyclone Winston made landfall in Fiji and tore the wall off the room she was standing in. Her husband arrived minutes later to take her ...
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Chatting With Fijians About Climate: A Village of 'Leftovers'

Pacific Standard - 14 Nov 2017
Nasau is now a village of "leftovers," 48-year-old Lice tells me through the open window of her current house, a patchwork of wood and metal scavenged from the wreckage following Cyclone Winston, which swept across Fiji in 2016. Residents of Nasau, one ...

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