Cycloramic hits top of App Store after Shark Tank appearance, $500k investment ... -

Cycloramic After Shark Tank – Recent Updates

Gazette Review - 09 Jun 2016
Bruno Francois had the idea for Cycloramic when he noticed that his phone, lying flat on a table, would move across it. He wondered if he could take advantage of this phenomenon. By making minor tweaks to vibration patterns in his smart phone, he was ...

This Is The Best App For Taking Panoramic Photos

Business Insider - 01 Aug 2014
Cycloramic is a unique app for taking panoramas that has the seemingly magical ability to rotate your phone for you. Cycloramic got its start on "Shark Tank," where its founder Bruno Francois showed off the app's unique ability to use an iPhone 5's ...

Review: “Odysseo”

Hyde Park Herald - 12 Apr 2017
The set design by Guillaume Lord not only requires tons of dirt and sand for a field and three-story-high mountain backed by a cycloramic state-of-the-art video screen three times the size of the largest movie screens, curtains keep opening to surprise ...

The “Shark Tank” Effect On Apps

TechCrunch - 24 Feb 2015
Meanwhile, one of the more popular apps that proved the show's abilities to push startups into the App Store stratosphere was Cycloramic, a sort of gimmicky but fun app that used the iPhone's vibration function to turn itself around while taking a 360 ...

11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time

BGR - 09 Dec 2016
We've reached the end of yet another week, which means we have one last list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free that you can enjoy. Today's batch includes several fan-favorites as well as some sweet apps you might never have come across ...

Steve Wozniak praises panorama app that spins iPhone - 30 Dec 2012
Cycloramic is an iPhone app that uses the vibrate function to steadily rotate the phone while it stands on its end, creating a 360-degree video panorama in the process. Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple with his friend Steve Jobs in the 1970s, made a ...

Cycloramic Video Mode Demo - iPhone5 app demo.

YouTube - 08 Feb 2013
"Unexpected, fanciful, and useful all at the same time!" -- Steve Wozniak "Pogie Award for Brightest Ideas of 2012" - The New York Times "Great for winning bar bets or establishing new religions." - David Pogue "Coolest thing we've seen an app do in a ...

Selfie360 Turns Your Face Into A Gif

TechCrunch - 18 Feb 2014
The Selfie360 app gives you three options for a selfie: portrait, panorama, or full. Portrait lets you create a shorter gif of your beautiful mug, which is automatically reversed within the feed. Panorama lets you hold the phone yourself, spin in a ...

Cycloramic: How to take Automatic Panorama Shots?

Virtuaniz (press release) (blog) - 19 Jul 2014
Cycloramic an application by a startup Egos Venture is not a widely known iOS application which does wonders for the work it is made for. Well, 'cyclo' – rotation, 'ramic' – panoramic, makes sense, right? Cycloramic is one of the few applications which ...

Pogie Awards for the Brightest Ideas of 2012

New York Times - 27 Dec 2012
CYCLORAMIC Just when you think that nobody could possibly have another fresh idea for a phone app, Cycloramic ($1) makes 360-degree panoramic videos — without a tripod or swivel. You stand the phone upright and tap the Go button. Incredibly, the ...

iPhone 4S with micro tripod rotating using Cycloramic

YouTube - 25 Jan 2013
This is a test of the micro tripod on the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S is rotating but the test surface here is perfectly flat and level. Even though it is rotating, it does not work as well as with the iPhone 5. Here is a link to make a micro tripod. http ...

Photo App Uses Phone Vibrations To Create Panoramas [Video]

PSFK - 11 Nov 2013
Developed by innovation lab Egos Ventures, Cycloramic is an app that allows users to take 360 degree panoramic photos or videos without ever having to touch their phone. The hands-free mode only works with an iPhone 5 or 5S. The app controls the ...

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