Cycloramic hits top of App Store after Shark Tank appearance, $500k investment ... -

The “Shark Tank” Effect On Apps

TechCrunch - 24 Feb 2015
Sitting at the top of the iTunes App Store for the fourth day in a row and counting is Scholly, another one of the many mobile applications that found its way onto the national stage by way of ABC's popular TV pitch competition Shark Tank. The show now ...

This Is The Best App For Taking Panoramic Photos

Business Insider - 01 Aug 2014
Cycloramic is a unique app for taking panoramas that has the seemingly magical ability to rotate your phone for you. Cycloramic got its start on "Shark Tank," where its founder Bruno Francois showed off the app's unique ability to use an iPhone 5's ...

Here's the panoramic photo app that made waves on 'Shark Tank'

Business Insider - 19 Sep 2015
The app Cycloramic allows users to take hands-free panoramic photos. It does so by manipulating the phone's vibration mechanism to spin around on its own. Mark Cuban announced he would invest in the app when its founder appeared on Shark Tank. It's ...

Steve Wozniak praises panorama app that spins iPhone - 30 Dec 2012
Cycloramic is an iPhone app that uses the vibrate function to steadily rotate the phone while it stands on its end, creating a 360-degree video panorama in the process. Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple with his friend Steve Jobs in the 1970s, made a ...

Cycloramic After Shark Tank – Recent Updates

Gazette Review - 09 Jun 2016
Cycloramic and Egos Ventures, the development company, both received widespread critical acclaim, as well as several awards in 2012 and 2013. Steve Wozniak, AKA “The Woz” of Apple fame, personally sent Bruno a video of him using the app, calling it ...

Pogie Awards for the Brightest Ideas of 2012

New York Times - 27 Dec 2012
CYCLORAMIC Just when you think that nobody could possibly have another fresh idea for a phone app, Cycloramic ($1) makes 360-degree panoramic videos — without a tripod or swivel. You stand the phone upright and tap the Go button. Incredibly, the phone ...

Selfies, Frontbacks and More: The New Wave of Mobile Photo Apps

Re/code - 24 Feb 2014
Instagram is old news at this point … right? Okay, I still use the app regularly. But smartphone cameras have progressed to the point where we can get pretty artistic with our mobile photos, beyond just ultra-flattering filters. For my column this ...

Selfie360 Turns Your Face Into A Gif

TechCrunch - 18 Feb 2014
Meet Selfie360, the newest, and most aptly named, app from the Cycloramic team. After building an app that automatically rotates your phone (hands-free, no less) to take a 360-degree photo, the Cycloramic team leveraged the technology in a brand new ...

Cycloramic Camera App for Hands Free Panoramas

Gotta Be Mobile - 03 Nov 2013
Call this a weekend novelty. Call it a party trick. Call it fun. There are quite a few ways and Apps to take panorama photos on mobile phones. The camera in iOS comes with its own panorama function and there are any number of Apps on that platform and ...

Three Killer Photo Apps

Huffington Post - 21 Nov 2014
Cycloramic provides perfect panoramic photos through visual and auditory cues. You receive up to 44MP panorama output. Plus, you can enhance your pictures with frames, stickers, and filters. For iPhone 5 and 5s users, simply balance your phone on a ...

Shark Tank's tech winners & rejects

Network World - 06 Feb 2014
ABC's "Shark Tank" program, on which entrepreneurs make their pitches to a panel of high profile investors on national TV, isn't the final word on whether a product or service will succeed. But as last week's show featuring Egos Ventures' $1.99 ...

11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time

BGR - 09 Dec 2016
Cycloramic for iPhone 6/6S. cycloramic-for-iphone-6-6s. Normally $1.99. ▷ The Handsfree mode only works with the iPhone 6/6S (Not the iPhone 6+/6S+) and must be used on a polished level surface (granite/marble counter top or wood desk). As Seen on ...

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