Cycloramic hits top of App Store after Shark Tank appearance, $500k investment ... -

Culture Report: Centro's Calling it a Comeback

Voice of San Diego - 18 Sep 2018
Raul Moyado's “Cycloramic Ascencion” is on view in the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego's new exhibition “Being Here with You.” / Image courtesy of the artist. Fellow fans of female musicians take note: On Friday night, the Casbah is hosting a ...

Mavs owner speaks to Lions Club

Weatherford Democrat - 15 Aug 2018
Cuban detailed one of his more successful investments — Cycloramic, an iOS and Windows Phone application that makes the phones rotate 360 degrees. “I invested $250,000 for 25 percent and then the iPhone changed [its shape]...

Carvana Acquires 360-Degree Imagery Tech Startup Car360 - 18 Apr 2018
Notably, Car360 was founded in 2012 as a panoramic video app called Cycloramic; it was only after its appearance on Shark Tank and an investment from Mark Cuban that the company pivoted to focus on “augmented vehicle imagery” and became Car360.

This Is The Best App For Taking Panoramic Photos

Business Insider - 01 Aug 2014
The hands-free mode is certainly the coolest feature of the app, but it requires you to have both a flat surface and an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S to work. But even at its most basic, Cycloramic offers the ability to take traditional, guided panoramas and ...

Here's the panoramic photo app that made waves on 'Shark Tank'

Business Insider - 19 Sep 2015
The app Cycloramic allows users to take hands-free panoramic photos. It does so by manipulating the phone's vibration mechanism to spin around on its own. Mark Cuban announced he would invest in the app when its founder appeared on Shark Tank.

Whatever Happened to ... the Waring neighborhood theater?

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 24 Mar 2018
Ads hyped the Waring as “One of the most modern and scientifically planned theaters in the East” with innovations like “the astounding new Cycloramic Screen with its astounding 3-dimensional effect.” Moviemaking advances like Cinemascope were ...

The “Shark Tank” Effect On Apps

TechCrunch - 24 Feb 2015
Meanwhile, one of the more popular apps that proved the show's abilities to push startups into the App Store stratosphere was Cycloramic, a sort of gimmicky but fun app that used the iPhone's vibration function to turn itself around while taking a 360 ...

How Bruno Francois Has Kept the Self-Spinning iPhone Going - 10 Oct 2014
Back in 2012 he figured out how to game the vibrating function in an iPhone 5, combined with data from the gyro and compass, in order to cause the iPhone to precisely rotate in place when stood up on its edge. The resultant app he created, Cycloramic, ...

The apps Mark Cuban loves — and those he doesn't

Business Insider - 15 May 2015
He also gave Ball Tune five stars, which is an app for calculating the pressure of a soccer ball that was created by the Cycloramic team, which Cuban invested $500,000 in on "Shark Tank." But Cuban isn't afraid to dish out one-star ratings on apps that ...

This you got to see: the self-rotating pano app

ZDNet - 03 Jan 2013
Cycloramic ($0.99, App Store) is one of the coolest apps that I've seen in a long time. It harnesses the iPhone's software and hardware in a totally unique way. Cycloramic rotates your iPhone 5 automatically while shooting video (completely handsfree ...

Shark Tank's tech winners & rejects

Network World - 06 Feb 2014
ABC's "Shark Tank" program, on which entrepreneurs make their pitches to a panel of high profile investors on national TV, isn't the final word on whether a product or service will succeed. But as last week's show featuring Egos Ventures' $1.99 ...

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