Cynthia Ellen Nixon (born April 9, 1966) is an American actress... -
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Don't Be a Miranda, Come See Cynthia Nixon at Vulture Festival

New York Magazine - 14 Nov 2018
Few résumés measure up to Cynthia Nixon's, the Emmy-, Grammy-, and Tony-winning actress who emerged this year as a potent progressive challenger to New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Fresh off her insurgent campaign, Nixon joins Vulture Festival on ...
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See Cynthia Nixon in Conversation in Los Angeles

The Cut - 08 Nov 2018
It's the age-old hypothetical: which celebrity, living or dead, would you want to have a coffee with? If your answer is Cynthia Nixon, that coffee date can become a reality. After her powerhouse campaign for governor of New York, Cynthia Nixon ...
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Cynthia Nixon Says Don't Vote for Me - 25 Oct 2018
Village Democratic district leader Arthur Schwartz may be touting the candidacy of Cynthia Nixon for Assembly over longtime incumbent Deborah Glick — even though Nixon's campaign has been saying she is supporting Glick. But last week, the one-time ...
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Cynthia Nixon Backs Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sort Of

NBC New York - 03 Nov 2018
Gov. Andrew Cuomo picked up the endorsement of his former rival Cynthia Nixon in his bid for a third term -- but not by name. The former "Sex and the City" star released a statement and video in the race's final days urging voters to cast ballots for ...
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Cynthia Nixon among readers at Ursula K. Le Guin tribute

Bradenton Herald - 30 Oct 2018
The latest speech by Cynthia Nixon was political and literary. And it was written by Ursula K. Le Guin, the science fiction-fantasy author who died in January at age 88. The "Sex and the City" actress and former gubernatorial candidate was among the ...
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Cynthia Nixon boosts Mannion, other Democrats in key NY Senate races

Auburn Citizen (blog) - 29 Oct 2018
Nixon's email hailed the defeat of six members of the now-defunct Independent Democratic Conference. But with Republicans in control of the state Senate, she said, legislation to pass single-payer health insurance and bolster reproductive rights "will ...
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Cynthia Nixon backs Cuomo re-election indirectly

Albany Times Union (blog) - 31 Oct 2018
“We need every progressive New Yorker to show up and make our voices heard by voting on the Working Families Party ballot line,” Nixon says. “When we vote on the WFP line, we're making a statement. We're standing with hundreds of thousands of other ...
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Push begins to let undocumented New Yorkers get licenses

Niagara Gazette - 18 Nov 2018
During this year's Democratic primary, he weathered criticism from challenger Cynthia Nixon that he should have used his executive powers to allow people here without authorization to apply for licenses. As a result, Nixon asserted, Cuomo put ...
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Liberals have to stop abetting 'the jackals'

The Jerusalem Post - 17 Nov 2018
I am a liberal, and I proudly proclaim my support for the progressive movement taking place in the United States right now. That's why US Rep. Betty McCollum's (D-MN) speech to the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) troubles me so much.

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