Pro Racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sides With NFL Players Protesting Trump -
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Earnhardt Jr: My first season as a broadcaster was “memorable”, Edition: Global - 14 Nov 2018
Earnhardt, who ran over 600 races in a 19-year NASCAR career before hanging up his helmet at the end of 2018, said that Aric Almirola's near-miss at Phoenix came as the biggest shock of the playoffs so far. “I think the big surprise for me was Aric ...
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NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is a Korn Fan

Loudwire - 06 Nov 2018
Semi-retired NASCAR drive Dale Earnhardt Jr. listens to a lot of music. He's a big Twenty One PIlots fan, he loves Angels & Airwaves, he once drove a car co-sponsored by Staind and he even helped indie rockers the Dangerous Summer film a new music ...
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Here's What Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Gets Wrong About Concussions

WBUR - 25 Oct 2018
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is said to be worth well over $225 million. He's earned a lot of that money by driving fast and turning left. He's earned the rest of it by describing the wonders of various products he's been paid to celebrate. According to a piece ...
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Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Bringing Concussions Out of the Darkness

New York Times - 23 Oct 2018
I never wanted to be a concussion expert. I know some of the world's leading authorities on head injuries and I'm certainly not one of them, but “expert” is a relative term. My expertise comes from personal experience. During my two decades behind the ...
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Top takeaways and surprises from Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s new book

ESPN - 18 Oct 2018
By Bob Pockrass. The first thing one might notice about the new Dale Earnhardt Jr. book "Racing to the Finish" is that it is easy to finish. It's a book that can be read in an afternoon. Co-author Ryan McGee, of ESPN, captures Earnhardt's voice well ...
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Dale Earnhardt Jr wants to race Antonio Brown

Yahoo Finance - 09 Nov 2018
It's November 9th, 2018 and special guest Dale Earnhardt Jr is stopping by to help host the show. Antonio Brown was caught going over 100 mph in his Porsche! A Red Sox advisor claims that players are just as important as “beer vendors.” Dale Jr and ...
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Dale Jr. recaps controversial Talladega ending - NBC Sports

Misc. (blog) - 18 Oct 2018
Up next: Dale Jr. Dale Jr. Dale Jr. recaps controversial Talladega ending. 4:57. Dale Jr. recaps controversial Talladega endingNASCAR. Playing now. NASCAR America. Dale Earnhardt Jr. got NASCAR racing start with Legends cars. 6:59. Legends cars gave ...
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NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a “longtime” Korn fan

Alternative Press (blog) - 07 Nov 2018
It's no secret that one of NASCAR's most beloved racers Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a big fan of music. If you take a scroll through social media, you'll notice Earnhardt has a particular interest in our scene. Whether it's the Wonder Years, the Dangerous ...

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