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Was the Hero of Dallas Buyers Club Actually Bisexual?

Slate Magazine (blog) - 16 Jan 2014
In Dallas Buyers Club, which was nominated for six Academy Awards yesterday—including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay—Ron Woodroof, played by Matthew McConaughey, is depicted as a straight man and a bigot who gradually ...
dallas buyers club

Out & About: 'Dallas Buyers Club' screenwriter to speak at Hollins

Roanoke Times - 21 Jun 2017
Dallas Buyers Club” dramatizes the story of the late Ron Woodroof, a Texas electrician diagnosed with HIV who built a clandestine network to distribute non-FDA-approved drugs to treat the disease. The 2013 biopic resulted in Oscar wins for star ...
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Freeview film of the day: Dallas Buyers Club

Radio Times - 22 Jun 2017
There was little treatment for HIV at that time so Ron took matters into his own hands, searching the world for alternative, even banned, therapies and smuggling them into Dallas, for his own use and also that of others similarly afflicted. Thereafter ...
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Hepatitis C Buyers Club | The Fix

TheFix.com - 20 Jun 2017
If the disease is caught in time, new drugs can completely cure hepatitis C. So what's the problem? The medication comes with an impossible price tag.
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Did lightning drive you from Muse/Mars show? Here's what you missed

Charlotte Observer - 16 Jun 2017
Leto had actually fallen off my rock 'n' roll radar after he won his Oscar for “Dallas Buyer's Club” in 2014. That was also the last time the band played Charlotte, he noted. He was gracious and wondered aloud if Charlotte was the best crowd on the tour.
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Oscars pride: 22 great LGBT films that won Academy Awards

Goldderby - 20 Jun 2017
Other actors to win for playing LGBT roles include Tom Hanks (“Philadelphia”), Charlize Theron (“Monster”), Philip Seymour Hoffman (“Capote”), Sean Penn (“Milk”), and Jared Leto (“Dallas Buyers Club”). No gay performer has won an acting Oscar while out ...
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'Before The Web' | Modern Love 70

WBUR - 14 Jun 2017
Dunne's recent feature film credits include "Dallas Buyers Club," starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, and “War Machine,” starring Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton. Dunne's feature film directorial debut was 1997's “Addicted to Love,” starring Meg ...

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