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Restraining order granted against Dame Dash

St. Louis American - 08 Nov 2018
The Blast is reporting that a woman who owns a children's hair salon in Los Angeles claims music mogul Damon Dash came into her shop and threatened her life in front of customers. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Patrice Miner was ...
damon dash

Ranking JAY-Z's 'The Black Album'

REVOLT TV - 14 Nov 2018
That album, Reasonable Doubt, would establish JAY-Z as a spellbinding lyricist and become a cult classic, but failed to yield the returns that would guarantee a successful foundation for him and partners Damon Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke's fledgling ...
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Dame Dash Is The Industry Uncle We Should Be Listening To

Vibe - 24 Aug 2018
Damon “DameDash is anything but coy. His thick gravitas allows fans to flock to his Instagram account like a fireside chat for gems on the music business, life and the spaces in between. If you do a deep dive on YouTube, you'll discover interviews ...
damon dash

Hova And Out: JAY-Z Retires? The True Story By Shawn Carter

Vibe - 15 Nov 2018
Years later, Damon Dash and I had a million-dollar deal on the table with Def Jam. I still have that a**hole in me, like, If he doesn't remember, I'm not reminding him. Things happen when they're supposed to, what they say about divine time is ...
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Dame Dash Insists Lyor Cohen Is Still a Culture Vulture

XXLMAG.COM - 03 Aug 2018
On Wednesday (Aug. 1), former head of Def Jam Recordings and current YouTube Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen, appeared on The Breakfast Club and the topic of Dame Dash was brought up while Cohen was asked about signing an artist with a drug ...
damon dash

Lee Daniels promises to repay Damon Dash $2M

St. Louis American - 05 Jul 2018
Last week, Damon Dash posted a video of himself confronting filmmaker Lee Daniels for owing him $2 million on Instagram. The post has since been deleted, but in it Daniels is seen seemingly in agreement that he owes Dash the money. In an interview with ...

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