Threatening Dana Loesch Isn't Funny or Noble, It Is Sick -
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Threatening Dana Loesch Isn't Funny or Noble, It Is Sick

HuffPost - 17 Oct 2017
In case you missed it, the nationally syndicated host has been forced to pack up and move from her home because of threats made by those who do not like the fact that she is not only an ardent defender of the second amendment, but also a proud ...
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NRA's Loesch: Gun Bill Vital to Ensure Americans 'Equal Access'

Newsmax - 29 Nov 2017
Gun legislation being taken up in Congress Wednesday is a priority for the National Rifle Association, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends." "This is all about making sure that everyone has equal access to the — to any ...
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Every Other Terrible Thing About Roy Moore

New York Times - 20 Nov 2017
“He stood there with his staff and he pushed back against the forces of secularism and he said, just like in 'Lord of the Rings,' 'You shall not pass,' when they were going after the Ten Commandments,” Dana Loesch, an N.R.A. spokeswoman, said. Roy ...
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Concealed-carry bill backers brace for Senate fight

Fox News - 11 Dec 2017
Radio host Dana Loesch and 'The Security Brief' host Paul Viollis discuss the House passing concealed carry reciprocity and Democrats' backlash to the bill. Gun-rights advocates scored a major win with House passage of legislation making concealed ...
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Dana Loesch: Threats From Gun Control Advocates Forcing Me to Move

Fox News Insider - 17 Oct 2017
Radio host and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch said she's had to pack up her belongings in garbage bags and leave her home over threats from gun control advocates and other opponents. Loesch said she and her family, including her young children, have ...
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NRA Ad Condemning Protests Against Trump Raises Partisan Anger

New York Times - 30 Jun 2017
An advertisement for the National Rifle Association that features a spokeswoman calling on the group's supporters to strike back against protests by the left “with the clenched fist of truth” has become one of the latest flash points for partisan anger ...
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Dana Loesch explains why the NRA didn't defend Philando Castile

Washington Examiner - 10 Aug 2017
A spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association indicated Thursday that the gun rights group did not defend Philando Castile, a black man who was pulled over by police and then fatally shot in 2016, because he was breaking the law at the time of his ...
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Dana Loesch ends show on Glenn Beck's The Blaze

Washington Examiner - 07 Nov 2017
Loesch on Tuesday told the Washington Examiner that the show was not canceled by management. "I am moving on, all on good terms," she said. Loesch didn't say if she had any specific plans for her future, but she said she would still pair up with Beck ...
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Dana Loesch and the NRA Are Trying to Stoke a Civil War Again

Riverfront Times (blog) - 23 Oct 2017
If you think that sounds like hyperbole, you should hear the shit that they're saying. For example, a new video the NRA released on Friday features Arnold, Missouri native and conservative firebrand Dana Loesch vowing that those who oppose Donald Trump ...
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Dear Dana Loesch, Shut Up.

Refinery29 - 02 Oct 2017
It's our messed up ideology. There's no good reason why the Average Joe needs to be able to buy semi-automatic weapons and silencers, and explanations around ideas of “freedom” and the Constitutions are misguided fantasy at this point. The lack of ...
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Dana Loesch Blasts Weinstein Scandal: 'Hollywood Has a Black Soul'

Fox News Insider - 11 Oct 2017
National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch ripped Hollywood for hiding Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults for decades. "The audio from that tape [of an Italian actress wearing a wire] you just played makes me absolutely sick," she said ...

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