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Dark Souls 2 review (PS3): Hardcore, heart-pounding action

Digital Spy - 11 Mar 2014
In an environment where the crumbling remnants of giant stone warriors decorate the landscape, I encounter one of Dark Souls 2's imposing and seemingly impenetrable bosses. Having learnt his attack patterns through repeated failures, I finally start to ...
dark souls 2

Player Completes No-Hit Dark Souls 2 Run, For The First Time Ever

SegmentNext - 21 Jun 2017
For the first time ever, a Souls player has completed a Dark Souls 2 run without getting hit a single time, meaning that he got through the game without taking a single hit from an enemy. The player in question, a streamer named The_Happy_Hob, is the ...
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Dark Souls 2 Finally Beat Without Taking a Single Hit

Game Rant - 21 Jun 2017
While From Software might be criticized from time to time for releasing very similar games over the past few years, it's hard to argue with the results. The Dark Souls community is one of the most passionate fan bases going today, and it's partly their ...
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July's Humble Monthly Bundle Includes Dark Souls II

COGconnected (press release) - 03 Jun 2017
Have you subscribed to the Humble Monthly Bundle? The service delivers barrels of games for a flat rate of $12 USD per month. While not every month will have something to catch your eye, July's package is starting with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the ...
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Early PC Summer Sales: Bandai Titles, Cheapest Dark Souls III

Siliconera - 21 Jun 2017
The Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition (base game + Season Pass) is at a new low price, for the first time ever going 50% off to $42.49. It's a similar story with the Dark Souls III standard edition dropping 50% and matching its historic low price of only $24.
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Dark Souls 2 launches Return to Drangleic community event

PC Gamer - 27 Feb 2017
As you might've spied James speaking about a few weeks back, Dark Souls 2's Return to Drangleic event kicked off over the weekend—a community-run affair that asks Souls players to return to the series' second entry to "engage in co-op and PvP along ...
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No, seriously, Dark Souls 2 is the best Souls game

Polygon - 01 May 2017
Dark Souls 2, however, absolutely thrilled me. I called it “the strongest Souls game yet,” and now, three years later, it remains my favorite. This is in stark contrast to the general opinion of the wider Dark Souls community, which often considers ...
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If you want to play Dark Souls 2 again, the time is at hand

Destructoid - 11 Feb 2017
Dark Souls games are best experienced in the moment. Those first few months of release when the player base is active, mysteries abound, and perilous invaders lurk around every corner. Seeing the phantoms of other players, the helpful (and not so ...
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Ranking Every Dark Souls 2 Boss From Worst To Best

WhatCulture - 20 Apr 2017
Dark Souls 2 was a great game burdened by a lofty predecessor. If given any other name and sold under any other pretence, it's likely that the game would be heralded as one of 2014's best. However, when considered as a sequel to the flawed masterpiece ...
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'The Surge' Review: Cyber Souls

TheHDRoom - 23 Jun 2017
If you enjoy a challenging combat system, a deep customization system, and ever wondered what Dark Souls would be like in a sci-fi theme, The Surge will do the job. I look forward to what Deck13 has in store for players next, I would love to see The ...
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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

RPGFan - 19 Feb 2017
Much like good constructive criticism, or some much needed tough love from a parent, the Souls series always gives players something to improve upon each time the familiar light of a bonfire appears after the "YOU DIED" screen. Dark Souls II, even with ...
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Dark Souls 2 'Return to Drangleic' Community Event Begins

Game Rant - 26 Feb 2017
The Dark Souls 2 community is hosting an event to bring back players and reinvigorate the multiplayer scene. “Return to Drangleic” begins today, lasting through the week and ending when players finish their playthroughs or grow tired of playing more ...
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With Dark Souls 3's Newest DLC, The Series Finally Says Goodbye

Kotaku - 29 Mar 2017
Its snow-swept world was confusing and while it culminated in a strong final boss fight, it couldn't compare to stronger outings like Artorias of the Abyss or Dark Souls 2's stellar DLC collection. The Ringed City is a gorgeous and surprisingly ...

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