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Dark Souls 2 review (PS3): Hardcore, heart-pounding action

Digital Spy - 11 Mar 2014
In an environment where the crumbling remnants of giant stone warriors decorate the landscape, I encounter one of Dark Souls 2's imposing and seemingly impenetrable bosses. Having learnt his attack patterns through repeated failures, I finally start to ...
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Dark Souls Vs Star Wars

Kotaku Australia - 13 Sep 2017
Solaire approaches a battle against a lightsaber the same way he approaches a battle against anyone else. This is from a video D Piddy made at Saboten Con earlier this month. If you're wondering why he does this for seven minutes, it's about showing ...
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Issue 2 of Analog focuses on mental health

Develop - 19 Sep 2017
Indie Dev Byron Atkinson-Jones goes on a rant about VR games on steam, Steven Huckle recall his trip to Uganda and the founder of WeGeek describes how Dark Souls 2 taught her self-discipline. The 2nd issue is available to read on Issuu https://issuu ...
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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Review – A Hollow End

ForgeToday - 16 Sep 2017
Perhaps it was always an impossible feat to truly do justice to Dark Souls; to send it off in a fitting fashion. Six years since its inaugural release, the franchise has taken the world by storm and not looked back since. It was always a punishing ...
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This Week's PS4, PS3, And Vita Deals Revealed (Ends Today)

GameSpot - 07 Sep 2017
Most notably, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin and Dark Souls III are both on sale in the PlayStation Store this week. The former retails for $12, and the standard edition of the latter costs $24. PS4 owners can also pick up Dark Souls III ...
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Why You Should Be Excited Peter Serafinowicz Is The Tick

IGN - 26 Aug 2017
The immensely popular action role-playing game Dark Souls II boasted a more powerful graphics engine and advanced AI system than the first installment, and earned acclaim from a number of critics (including our own Marty Silva, who scored it 9 out of 10).
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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Has Dark Souls Easter Egg

Game Rant - 17 Sep 2017
With Dishonored: Death of the Outsider having just launched, players everywhere are loading up the standalone expansion and stepping back into the shoes of an assassin. In the latest DLC by Arkane Studios, Dishonored fans will be playing as former ...
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Code Vein Looks a Little Bit Naff in New Boss Gameplay

Push Square (registration) - 18 Sep 2017
When the project was first revealed, it was described as anime Dark Souls, and as much as we hate to compare anything to From Software's series these days, it's near impossible not to do that here. Going by this new ...
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No, seriously, Dark Souls 2 is the best Souls game

Polygon - 01 May 2017
I know a lot of readers are already sharpening their pitchforks just from looking at that headline, so let me be super clear: I'm not just saying this to be controversial. I love this series. In fact, I've been on the Souls train from the very ...
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How I Beat Dark Souls 2 Using a Ladle, Part 2: Timber

Shacknews - 25 Jul 2017
Across five SoulsBorne games, Dark Souls 2's the Last Giant is the easiest first boss that players encounter. He's ponderous, predictable, and susceptible to most types of damage. As if that weren't enough, you're bound to come across a few resins that ...
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Schnäppchen - Dark Souls II: SotFS & Prey

GBase - 18 Sep 2017
Uriel's Chasm 2 (Steam-Code) als kostenlose Vollversion, für die ihr euer Steam-Konto mit dem Shop verknüpfen müsst. Ihr findet sie im unteren Drittel der Seite. Virtual-Reality-Bundle XIII (Steam-Code) mit Aquila Bird Flight Simulator (Early Access!), ...
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How I Beat Dark Souls 2 Using a Ladle, Part 3 - Flexibility

Shacknews - 02 Aug 2017
After more than six hours of play time, I had almost everything I needed—assuming the tales told on Dark Souls 2 wikis and forums were true—to imbue my ordinary and broken spoon. Only three obstacles stood between me and what I hoped would be the ...
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Dark Souls 2 launches Return to Drangleic community event

PC Gamer - 27 Feb 2017
As you might've spied James speaking about a few weeks back, Dark Souls 2's Return to Drangleic event kicked off over the weekend—a community-run affair that asks Souls players to return to the series' second entry to "engage in co-op and PvP along ...

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