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Data Dashboard

Metro newsfeed - 22 Jun 2018
The diversity, equity and inclusion data dashboard provides Metro employees, community partners and the public data to make Metro's efforts to advance racial equity more transparent and easier to track, and thereby provide another way to hold Metro ...

Dashboard cookie competition heats up in Arizona

WSOC Charlotte - 22 Jun 2018
Competitors will meet in Lake Havasu City for the Almost 9th Annual Dashboard Cookie Competition. The baking contest, in which competitors roll the dough, place it on cookie sheets and set it on dashboards, is called “Almost 9th” because the cookies ...

FIRST ALERT: Why your dashboard temperature is lying to you

WMBF - 21 Jun 2018
MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As the heat index climbs above 100, the temperature reading on your car's dashboard will likely show an even higher, and inaccurate number. The temperature is actually coming from a tool called a "thermistor." Instead of a ...

Afghanistan: Health Cluster Dashboard (May 2018)

ReliefWeb - 20 Jun 2018
Afghanistan: Health Cluster Dashboard (May 2018). Infographic. from World Health Organization, US Agency for International Development, iMMAP, Health Cluster. Published on 20 Jun 2018 — View Original · preview · Download PDF (2.52 MB) ...

Vic IT dashboard fails real time test

iTnews - 20 Jun 2018
A dashboard to track Victorian government IT projects with a combined value of $1.85 billion still can't report in anywhere close to real time, despite major efforts to improve disclosures, the state's auditor-general has found. Quietly launched in ...

FRA launches new dashboard to illustrate trespass and suicide data

Railway Track & Structures - 20 Jun 2018
The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has launched a new dashboard intended to help visualize trespassing and suicide data along railroad rights-of-way. FRA notes that more than 400 trespass fatalities occur nationally and nearly as many injuries ...

Dashboard falls behind schedule but end of 2019 'still achievable'

www.professionalpensions.com - 15 Jun 2018
The pensions dashboard is set to revolutionise financial services by enabling savers to view all their pension pots in place. It will engage people more with their pensions, help track down lost pots, and ultimately help individuals plan better for ...

Valuation Dashboard: Utilities - Update

Seeking Alpha - 07 Jun 2018
Evolution since last month. A list of stocks looking cheap in their industries. This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Quantitative Risk & Value. This article series provides a monthly dashboard of ...

Leveraged ETFs Decay Dashboard

Seeking Alpha - 07 Jun 2018
Theoretical reminder. 1-month and 1-year decays of major leveraged ETFs. The worst decays of the month. This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Quantitative Risk & Value. I measure once a month the decay ...

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