Comedian David Brenner Dies at 78 -
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Comedian David Brenner Dies at 78

Hollywood Reporter - 15 Mar 2014
David Brenner, the wry stand-up comic and pundit from Philadelphia who as a favorite of Johnny Carson appeared more times on The Tonight Show than any other guest, died Saturday. He was 78. our editor recommends. Joan Rivers: Why Johnny Carson ...
david brenner

From the Archives: Unmasked with Jay Mohr

The Interrobang - 21 Jun 2017
Past Unmasked guests have included Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart, Amy Schumer, Dan Aykroyd, Simon Pegg, Paul Feig, Jim Jefferies, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait, Louis C.K., David Brenner, Brian Regan, and over 150 more comedy greats. Jay Mohr ...
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The Amazing Johnathan is Still Amazing

OC Weekly - 19 Jun 2017
I first came in filling in for David Brenner for two weeks. I killed so they wanted me to stay on for two more weeks, then two years. It was always two-year renewals, and then I moved to different casinos. Those first years I made enough money to last ...
david brenner

I Miss Old Beer Ads So Much

VinePair - 05 Jun 2017
Here's a theoretical question for you to roll around the old noodle: If you vividly remember a weird movie trailer, or a Simpsons joke, or a funny commercial from childhood, but are completely unable to find a trace of it on YouTube, did it ever truly ...
david brenner

End of era looms as historic general store goes up for sale

The Daily Progress - 01 Jun 2017
In another celebrity sighting, about 20 years ago, the late comedian David Brenner came in with his wife during a visit to a nearby summer camp. More recently, Horst said his wife was working when "Sopranos" star Michael Imperioli -- he played Tony's ...
david brenner

Tribal member receives 30-year sentence

Traverse City Record Eagle - 22 Jun 2017
Brenner's conviction carried a maximum term of life, but his sentencing guidelines called for a term of 30 years. His federal public defender David Kaczor argued in a sentencing memorandum for a shorter term. Brenner had a substantial mental health ...
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Finanzskandal-Prozess: David Brenner wird als Zeuge geladen

Salzburger Nachrichten - 14 Jun 2017
Er wollte in Anspielung an die Mails von 2012 wissen, wie der damalige SPÖ-Finanzlandesrat David Brenner überhaupt erfahren hatte, dass die Stadt 2007 die Derivate ohne Gegenleistung an das Land übertragen konnte. Rathgeber hatte darauf eine ...
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Getting vertical with the Bay Area expert on green “living walls”

The Mercury News - 19 May 2017
David Brenner has a different perspective on gardens. “If you look at something green and growing, it does something to you, physiologically — restores your mind, lowers blood pressure,” he says, gazing up – yes, up – at the massive “living wall” he ...
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EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Master 'Community' Gardener

WWAY NewsChannel 3 - 04 May 2017
“That's what I wanted to do in my retirement was give something back to the community, I never knew it would be gardening,” David Brenner told WWAY's Daniel Seamans. David Brenner is a master gardener. He is also a master of community gardens.
david brenner

Montgomery County and Frederick County homes sales

Washington Post - 21 Jun 2017
Murphy Grove Terr., 12802-David S. and Christine L. Kiang to Mandi Osoba, $397,000. Public House Rd., 23628-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kunal and Rohini Dhall, $317,500. Snowden Farm Pkwy., 11878-Clarksburg Village Corp. to Paul K.
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Matter of Record ( June 20, 2017)

Times Record News - 21 Jun 2017
Alamo GM LLC to Lanny Brenner, Trustee Pilgrim Bank, L2D, B12 of Bellevue Addition, $1,430,000.00, Doc. 9340. James C. ...
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Jordan Brenner Interview

WWL First News - 06 Jun 2017
Jordan Brenner joins us in the program now big title appeared Jordan director programming strategy for Bleacher Report butter also an NBA writer for Bleacher Report. Dot com tock little NB a here let's just break it down let's get right into it here ...
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Reaping fear at Harvest

Winnipeg Free Press - 03 Jun 2017
At the centre of it is departing executive director David Northcott, who retires at the end of the month after being deservedly celebrated over the years for his role in helping found and lead Harvest for most of its existence. During an interview at ...
david brenner

Freddie Prinze Blew Up Like No Other Comedian in History

Vulture - 08 Feb 2017
“At the time, I was still doing local radio and TV in Indianapolis,” recalls David Letterman, “and I would see a long list of these guys on the Tonight Show — Mike Preminger, David Brenner, Ed Bluestone, Steve Landesberg — and it became pretty clear ...
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Green Thumbs and Living Walls in Urban Areas

Workforce Management - 01 May 2017
There, “I got really excited about the ability to grow plants vertically,” said Brenner. He returned to CalPoly, where he started experimenting with growing vertical growth, and since then he's brought this type of unique garden to corporate and city ...
david brenner

Fort Myers attorney arrested for third time

Wink News - 28 Sep 2016
FORT MYERS, Fla. — David Brenner, a well-known Fort Myers defense attorney, was arrested again, his third arrest since 2012. Brenner, 56, is in jail facing charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and battery. It is still unclear what led to the ...

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