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david clarke

A David Clarke dossier

Washington Post - 19 May 2017
Controversial Milwaukee County (Wis.) Sheriff David Clarke says he is joining the Department of Homeland Security to head up the Office of Partnership and Engagement. That agency oversees partnerships and cooperation with local law enforcement ...
david clarke

Ex-sheriff David Clarke drops f-bomb on reporter

The Hill - 20 Sep 2017
Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) is not afraid to toss the f-bomb at inquiring reporters from his hometown newspaper. "'F--- you and the horse you rode in on.' I'm David Clarke and I approve this message," Clarke wrote last week in an ...
david clarke

Civilian David Clarke is just as edgy as Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee Record - 22 Sep 2017
Which brings us to something equally overwrought and ridiculous: ex-Sheriff David Clarke. Despite resigning from his post last month, the world's edgiest liberal-baitin' internet troll keeps hanging around. Earlier this week, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ...
david clarke

Ex-Sheriff David Clarke joining pro-Trump super PAC

New York Post - 06 Sep 2017
MILWAUKEE (AP) — Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is joining a political action committee that supports President Donald Trump, saying in an email Tuesday he will serve as spokesman and senior adviser to the group. The firebrand sheriff has made ...
david clarke

Lunch links: David Clarke resigns

Washington Post - 01 Sep 2017
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has resigned, raising speculation that he's about to take a job in the Trump administration. Video shows police arresting Utah nurse for refusing to draw blood without a warrant or the patient's consent. She was ...
david clarke

Former Sheriff David Clarke To Speak In Midtown

Patch.com - 11 Sep 2017
MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NY — Controversial former Wisconsin sheriff and Donald Trump loyalist David Clarke is scheduled to take part in a political discussion with three New York City mayoral candidates this week at a Midtown music venue. Clarke will ...

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