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A David Clarke dossier

Washington Post - 19 May 2017
Controversial Milwaukee County (Wis.) Sheriff David Clarke says he is joining the Department of Homeland Security to head up the Office of Partnership and Engagement. That agency oversees partnerships and cooperation with local law enforcement ...
david clarke

Statistical Bigotry

Townhall - 02 Dec 2017
The Democratic Party and the liberal left's obsession with disparate impact race politics crept into K-12 public education. Their latest social engineering experimentation uses black and Hispanic kids in poor urban classrooms as pawns for political ...
david clarke

David Clarke to Congress: 'Build the Damn Wall'

Breitbart News - 04 Dec 2017
In the wake of a San Francisco jury finding illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty for the death of Kate Steinle, former Milwaukee County, WI Sheriff David Clarke urged Congress to “build the damn wall” to keep similar incidents from ...
david clarke

Nuneaton MFA bowling alley siege: David Clarke in court

BBC News - 21 Nov 2017
A man accused of taking two people hostage during a four-hour siege at a bowling alley has appeared in court. David Clarke, 53, faces eight charges over the stand-off at Nuneaton's MFA Bowl last month, including possession of a samurai sword and a sawn ...
david clarke

MSNBC Guest Calls David Clarke An “Uncle Tom”

USA Herald - 11 Dec 2017
Why are black Americans only considered “black” when they subscribe to “flawed” liberal ideology, question Mark Thompson's critics. Furthermore, in the eyes of many conservatives, real racism is the belief that people who share the same race must also ...
david clarke

When it comes to the Alabama Senate race, no one knows anything

VICE News - 14 Dec 2017
On his final night of campaigning, Moore held a rally with Steve Bannon, Louis Gohmert and Sheriff David Clarke, among other notable conservative stars, in the first political effort he's made in recent days. Moore wasn't even in the state of Alabama ...

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