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david foster wallace

Why Insufferable People Love Infinite Jest

Paste Magazine - 29 Jun 2018
David Foster Wallace's tennis-academy-tale has been out for two decades. Like most Big Works by Important Authors, the novel has never lacked for admirers. But why are so many insufferable people in love with Infinite Jest? What about it drives them to ...
david foster wallace

Mom of far-flung adult children will always find a way to go to them

Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog) - 17 Jul 2018
Like sitting on a bench at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan on a summer afternoon, me listening, undistracted, while my philosophically inclined young adult child reads his favorite author, David Foster Wallace, aloud. These trips ...
david foster wallace

Aspen Art Museum to host 'End of the Tour' screening

Aspen Times - 10 Jul 2018
[An earlier version of this story was published in the Aspen Times in December 2015]. Fans of David Foster Wallace may have hoped — or feared — that “The End of the Tour” would be an attempt at a full biopic-styled portrait of the esteemed writer. It ...
david foster wallace

The Unsolvable Difficulty of XXXTentacion's Death

The Ringer (blog) - 19 Jun 2018
David Foster Wallace had written (among other things) a short story called “The Depressed Person.” I don't know or even care whether that story “holds up”; I can't read it anymore. But I do know that, although I was then in a happy and stable time in ...
david foster wallace

Reliably Unreliable Men, Unlikely to Improve Their Lot

New York Times - 22 Jun 2018
“Promises, Promises,” a very short piece about an imaginary bylaw regulating the beach-going population, is dedicated to the memory of David Foster Wallace. O'Neill resembles a very talented craftsman working in a master's atelier, each different style ...
david foster wallace

The Other Side of the Net

The Smart Set - 21 Jun 2018
To my students, the novelist David Foster Wallace is just as equally obscure as Michael Joyce, former 100th best in the world tennis player. But I have them look up Michael Joyce in Wikipedia and then look up David Foster Wallace, and they see that one ...
david foster wallace


The Chronicle of Higher Education (blog) - 28 Jun 2018
As to non-knowledge, that might be the one thing that binds us all together, whether we're trying to figure out how to teach, designing a model to increase the efficiency of day trading, or wondering if it would be a good thing to read David Foster ...
david foster wallace

David Foster Wallace and the Dangerous Romance of Male Genius

The Atlantic - 09 May 2018
This one was about David Foster Wallace. It was about the writer stalking her and abusing her and, in general, refusing to take no for an answer. As Karr elaborated, in one tweet that reads, in the #MeToo context, as its own form of starkly tragic ...
david foster wallace

Can We Really Prevent Suicide? Yes!

Psychology Today (blog) - 18 Jun 2018
Do those who die from suicide really want to die? There's a great quote from author David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest which addresses this question (David Foster Wallace died from suicide in 2008 after battling major depression disorder for 20 ...

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